Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Keef Report....In A World.

Keef does know that Vancouver's actual Main St. was closed on Sunday doesn't he?

And nobody seemed too upset.

But maybe that was because the event had been planned for months and there was no deflector-spike spin/cynical photo-op associated with it.


And one other thing...

The closure of Vancouver's Main St. wasn't designed to kill another pre-planned street fair  a couple of blocks over.


One can only wonder...If the Main St. closing had been super-secretly, double-probationally leaked by an uber-important Wizard at 12th and Cambie, would the 'reporter' concerned have known about it then?
Link to the Keef''s latest bit of Twittmachine-assisted baiting of the 'hysterical' citizenry is here... Comments are most interesting, especially the one from the Dean that was actually kind of funny but still did not address the actual, you know....Facts.



Dana said...

Keith Baldrey, founding member of the I.A.T.C.J. Ignorant Arrogant Twats of Canadian Journamalism.

It's a vibrant and growing professional association dedicated to the ongoing mission of destroying the public's faith in the 4th estate.

Dana said...

Y'knoooow, I had another thought.

The tone of Her Imperial Uselessness' Tai Chi tweet and the tone of this tweet are very similar.

You suppose it's possible old Vaughn is tweeting for Her Uselessness or vicie versie?

Perhaps they're even making the beast together.

Would certainly go a ways to explain his protectiveness of her.

Anonymous said...

You mean trillion? In 2017
Quadrillion 2021?

Lew said...

Keef packs a lot of useless information into his twitterings. The world didn’t end on Sunday. (I would have guessed that since he was twittering on Monday.) Victoria is not like Vancouver. (My cat already told me that.) Things cost money. (Even more if it’s your money used for the things of others.) Vancouver needs to grow up. (Bob Rennie has been promoting that for years.)

There is also some useful information he unwittingly provides. Like the fact he must have had a losing dog in the ill-advised fight for a yogafest on the Burrard Bridge, and his petulant twittering is part of the healing process. He doesn’t have to tell us who the dog was; like the info above, we already know.

What he didn’t tell his all-atwitter followers is where and how that wounded dog actually celebrated International Yoga Day. Maybe he’s saving that for a special twittering.

e.a.f. said...

Keef perhaps doesn't understand the difference between a bridge or a street. No wonder the newspapers are loosing readers. With a guy like that writing, people just aren't interested in buying.

the guy tweets, like a twit.

Anonymous said...

It's it a bridge unless LNG is going under it.then it's new bridge corporate welfare.?