Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dipper Mania in #BCPoli...One More Sign Of The Apocalypse.


Crazy! Crazy!! Crazy!!!

As noted by Charlie Smith in the GStraight:

...Today, the NDP government announced two projects to make things easier for people who need to make this crossing (of the mighty Fraser).

A cable-collar system will be installed to remove the ice (and reduce the ice bombs) from the Alex Fraser Bridge.

It will cost $5 million and should be in place by the end of this year.

There will also be an extra lane with a counter-flow barrier system added to the Alex Fraser Bridge, which will cost $70 million.

That's expected to be in operation by the fall of 2018.

Nearly $34 million will be covered through federal infrastructure funds...

In other news, Finance minister Carole James ratchets the crazy into the stratosphere by talking sense (and equity) about the province's public accounts.

Kind of makes one wonder if somebody is handing out headbands and playing Patsy Cline, cranked to 11, over there at Dipper headquarters or something?

No word yet on whether the new government will take the radical step of once again asking resource extractors to pay their fair share for the stuff we actually need 'round here...Cue Norm Farrell with the flabbergasting numbers...



Anonymous said...

inconvenient truths from regime change?

e..a.f. said...

was over at Norm's blog just before coming here and yes Norm does have some very interesting information. given how little the province has been making on the gas, we might as well leave it in the ground. Now if the province can make what it did prior to Christy Clark, well that is a whole different ball of cash.

With a counter flow lane on the alex fraser and tolls coming off of the Port mann, we might not need that 10 lane bridge to no where. Sorry mayor of delta, but the rest of us in the province just don't want to pay for it.

With traffic increasing on Vancouver Island, specifically Nanaimo, all we got was a few left hand turn lanes and you want a 10 lane bridge? good luck with that. perhaps it is time to stop issuing so many building permits south of the fraser if the infrastructure can't accommodate the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you e.a.f. Been saying for a long time, stop the building/development until roads, schools and hospitals are in place. Way overloaded now. And stop the building of the hotel style homes on the ALR.

Ed Seedhouse said...

Gosh, it's almost like we have a government that actually cares about us. All a dream, I'm sure...

e.a.f. said...

In Richmond where they have massive homes in the ALR, its called millionaires' row. They build these massive houses and get a huge discount on their property taxes. All the have to do is have a crop which gives the approx. $2,300. per year and viola, new property tax of approx.$950. instead of $30,000. You can plant blueberries and in the first 5 years they are growing you get to claim that farm status. Then you simply hire a farm contractor to bring in pickers one or two weekends in the summer, sell the berries to whomever and you have a cheap place to live. Yes, given the lack of property taxes those places are cheap. Out in White Rock property taxes can run $6K to $12K on a semi normal house, which is actually 30 ot 40 years old. In Richmond, you buy the farm, build the house, and save money on taxes. Nice racket if you ask me. In some ways its then cheaper to purchase a house in Richmond than in Vancouver because of the savings on the property taxes.

Given the number of cars parked in front of some of those houses they can't be single family houses and trust me they aren't extended family homes either. There needs to be a max sq. footage on the houses which are being built on the ALR. In Richmond some of them are acting as hotels for women waiting to give birth in Canada or airbnbs.