Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Most Famous Home Run Of The Summer Of 1977.


It came off the bat of then Schmindian Duane Kuiper 40 years ago today:

It was the only dinger of Mr. Kuiper's career.

A career that, while neither truly long nor truly distinguished, was solid enough to keep him in the big leagues for nine seasons and more than three thousand at bats.

Which means his was and still is the worst home run-to-at-bat ratio of all time.


More famous that summer than the death of Elvis!

Hmmmmm....What was I doing that summer?...Well, when I wasn't trying to figure out what made Peter Frampton so popular, exactly, I was arguing with my friends about why the Ramones must, secretly, be British...Clearly, by then I should have been paying way more attention to the writing of Lester Bangs...Speaking of the good Mr. Bangs, he, himself, wrote a killer obit of the King published on the same day the Kuiper hit his pop-gun shot into the empty right field bleachers of the old Mistake-by-the-Lake in Cleveland.



Scotty on Denman said...

History don't get cooler 'n' that!

Lulymay said...

Hey, I'm older than you so I can brag, I mean BRAG, that I still have my half of the ticket for the only Elvis concert in Canada - at Empire Stadium in 1957! Went to the old Georgia Auditorium to see what they called the "Show of Stars" and Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, LaVerne Baker, etc etc, oh those days. But then came the Beatles and wow! the Stones, the Who, Queen was I hooked? Once the US caught on there so many: loved the Eagles, Ramones, CCR... the list is endless. Can't stand today's stage extravaganza but little talent, and let's just show how much of our body we can get away with, over-priced. And don't get me started with Taylor Swift!!!... Still love great guitar players and there are so many, I won't even start to list my favourites.

Enjoy your music; wish I was talented, but alas, I will always just be a huge fan.

sd said...

Ha, you did it again! Taking me back 40 years. I was bar tending at Kips that summer. Cadillac memories for sure.

RossK said...


Indeed it does not!



1957 Empire Stadium....Wasn't the Red Robinson-brokered show?...Sure do regret being too young to have seen any of the Georgia Auditorium shows.

While I've got lots of issues with lots of things modern in the musical world I actually don't have any problem with Ms. Swift's actual music

And, as for talent of the musical variety, I have none...I'm a plodder, but it's still very, very fun to do




Well, unlike Lulymay's Georgia Auditorium, that is a place I most definitely do know from my post-doc days...A bit of a time post 1977 however.