Thursday, August 24, 2017

What Do Georgia Straight Readers Care About More Than BC Liberals?


Sometimes the Twittmachine can surprise the heckfire right out of you...

If you want to support a fund to support political journalism in Merv's name, head on over to Norm Farrell's place.



Keith. said...

One of the comments attached to Charlie's piece about Merv;

Glen Clark
Thanks Charlie! Merv will be sorely missed and I really appreciate your thoughtful tribute to a decent man.

Yep, that Glen Clark.

RossK said...

Thanks Keith--

We'll have to try and hit Mr. Clark up for the Merv Fund.


Norm Farrell said...

Maybe Mr. Clark's boss could make a contribution that would make a big difference. We need more journalists in BC who work for the public interest without concern for those who want the stories hidden.

Lew said...

"When I began being a social media pain in the ass, I was called an egomaniacal nobody by a prominent TV personality." If Dams Are Built in the Forest –

True to form, Keith Baldry was spectacularly wrong.

When I return home to BC next week I'll be lining up at the VanCity counter.

Anonymous said...

intoxication of power and loyalty to the party?