Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Poison Pill Hidden In the Site C Codswallop.


Brought to you by the good Mr. Palmer of Postmedia:

My question is....

Given their track record, why would anyone, the good Mr. Palmer included, even begin to believe anything they say (and/or 'file')?

It would also appear that the Dean is kinda/sorta suggesting that the Dippers just might be forcing BCUC to take said 'filing' at face value....



Anonymous said...

Interesting read at DesmogCanada by Emma Gilchrist

RossK said...



And Ms. Gilchrist's most recent piece demonstrates that one of the 'filing points' listed by the Dean is a collopswallopanariastic double-down.

And I'm sure Norm Farrell just might have something to say about this pointiest of all filing points.


e.a.f. said...

hope springs eternal and Palmer ought to know at his advanced age, that it doesn't work out that way. If we don't need an other source of energy, then reduce that vast amount he is quoting.

Dear old Palmer seems to be a tad over the top. Must be the wishful thinking, that the B.C. Lieberals will come back into office and the dam will go ahead. of course he is setting the tone for some mischief, to make it look bad for the NDP/Greens if the crash the project. Tell a big lie long enough and often enough people might believe it and palmer has started the work. Nice try, no banana.

Where does that man get his figures? from his friendly neighbourhood dam builder or the Fraser Inst.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea and 2 percent growth of demand per year for ,BCHydro ,for 20 years when last 11 years has been flat demand and last annual went up by 2/3 less then estimated.
Its like a over budget /underperforming golden ears and port mann bridge.

Anonymous said...

keeyask and muskrat make site C number 3?