Monday, August 28, 2017

Mr. Weaver Throws A Haymaker At #BCPoli's Biggest Right-Sided Troll.


It would appear that Andrew Weaver has had enough of Norman Spector's codswallopanarianisms:


Were we not led to believe that Mr. Spector was the big kahuna in the negotiating tent?




Anonymous said...


Ahhh, now "The Spectator", truly is.

Lew said...

@inspector4's mentor?

Anonymous said...

Get on those boxing gloves .like trudeau?

davemj said...

The spectator is pissed cause Weaver did not walk the walk to Pussy,s baloney,s door like he wanted him to. Hang in there Prof you got more class in your little finger than bull crapped out splactor boo hoo Spector! I guess you don't get the job you were promised.Typical Con Libs when in doubt toss bullshit,

Lulymay said...

Speaking of Spector, I just discovered the 'other' Norman (Ruff) passed away recently. Used to enjoy him on the local channel before it became a one party supporter.