Monday, August 21, 2017

Which Alou Brother Is Sleeping On That Park Bench Anyway?

Got into a bit of a back and forth on the Twittmachine with the Fairview area's foremost chronicler of pretty much everything, Stanley Woodvine, and the G Straight's Martin Dunphy the other day about the true identity of that guy under the blanket sleeping on the bench in downtown Vancouver these days. 

Many assume that it was not Matty or Felipe.

But how can they be sure?

For the record, Jesus is the guy on the left, above.

All of this was sparked by Travis Lupick's story and photos in the GStraight. That's his image at the top of the post.
And as for the myth of the Alous?....Well, while they did play together, taking over the entire Candlestick outfield a few times,  the three brothers never started a game together.
Little known fact...Bigger E's first ballgame was at Candlestick during the BayBridge series at the end of spring training 1993. She was 8 weeks old.... We sat low in the left field corner...Saw a whole lotta the wrong Henderson that afternoon (my favourite A's outfielder with that surname has always been Dave).


sd said...

You never fail to surprise me Ross. Didn't expect to be transported back to my youth this morning with pics of the Alou brothers. I'm going to dig up my only remaining Giants program from the 60's to see if all three are on the roster. Here in Mission homelessness is a big issue, our mayor has finally discovered it(former lieberal mla).I'm trying to recall if it was Felipe or Wille Mc Covey that used to sit in on congas at the jazz clubs in S.F. back in the day.Cadillac memories!

RossK said...


It's the craziest digressions that matter most, sometime at least, I reckon.

Didn't know about the congas!


sd said...

I now think it was Orlando Cepeda.

RossK said...



Rusty M said...

Did you know there was a fourth Alou brother who played for the Orioles during their hay day? His name was Boog but for obvious reasons he changed his last name to Powell.