Friday, August 18, 2017

Mr. Bannon's Gold-Leaf Wingnut Welfare-Laminated Parachute Club.


From Maggie Haberman's NYTimes piece on Steve Bannon's firing from Trumpland:

...Mr. Bannon had made clear to allies after the American Prospect interview that he expected to be back soon at the right-wing website that he had steered before joining Mr. Trump’s campaign. He had dinner in New York City on Wednesday night with Robert Mercer, the hedge fund billionaire who is also Mr. Bannon’s chief patron, to discuss the future, according to a person briefed on the discussions...


If that doesn't work out one can only wonder if Mr. Bannon will, perhaps, turn his lonely eyes north in the direction of the good Mr. Levant.

After all, Mr. Levant is in need of new partner, isn't he?

Update: Friday Evening....And so it is done.



Lulymay said...

Reading a couple of other blogs (US), Ross, there is an opinion out there that Bannon is much more dangerous outside of the constraints of the Whitehouse as he can now say and do whatever he wants to assist tRump in carrying out his real agenda. As well, it gives the appearance that Kelly really is in charge. There are many doubting Thomas' out there who see this as just another ploy on behalf of the Dolt.

Bannon has more brains in his little finger than Trump has in his whole big body and minute brain!

I guess we'll just have to pay attention for a few days and watch it all unfold?

Hope you enjoyed your time away.

Anonymous said...


All the crotch grabbing rhetoric, can't stand up to the power of the Mother of a dead child. I have faith that Americans are not completely lost.

e.a.f. said...

two defining moments in the beginning of the fall of Trump. One was by a senior citizen with brain cancer. The other was a middle aged Mother who lost her only child. One gave a thumbs down. The other said I don't want to talk to the president.

Many Americans will see this as a wake up call. They will see you can stand up to the bully and you can stand up in your grief and be gracious and steadfast in your beliefs and conduct yourself with incredible dignity.

Bannon, for as much as I dislike what he stands for, can not be dismissed as an idiot. he is a great strategist. with Kelly in charge it would be difficult to do "his work, as he sees it". he now is free to do as he pleases and with various PACs he will have the money to focus his attacks as the mid terms come up. He is already back with Bretibart.

The first battle is in Alabama where the Republicans first have to battle out who is their candidate. There were 3, now there is Luther STrange and one other left for the run off in sept. Strange is the one favoured by Sessions and Trump, but he only came in second place. Luther Strange has an "interesting" history in Alabama. One in my opinion based on corruption and racism. (for all you ever didn't want to know about that its at Legal Schnauzzer)

It is doubtful Bannon will come North. Now Levant may want to go South, having already hit south from a business perspective. People are now walking away from The REbel Media but for years the federal Conservatives were more than happy to speak with the "hate filled" rag (just my opinion). Even the new leader of the federal Conservatives spoke with the Rebel Media in an attempt to get their message out to the devotees of Rebel Media. Those devotees might not be invited to any of our dinners, but they do represent a fair number of Canadians. We ought to remember who Preston Manning first used as his "security detail" when he created his "Reform Party". They were from a lovely group with a name along the lines of the heritage front. Not exactly racism free. As time went by they realized they'd have to push those boys and girls to the back to make the mainstream, but rest assured we have racists in Canada just as they have in the U.S.A. or why would there be so many dead First Nations people in this country and so little done about it.

In my opinion Bannon will be more dangerous outside the fold than in. He now is answerable to no one and can use his media to attack whomever he chooses. He will have a better understanding of how the federal government and American military work and where some of the bodies are buried. He will most likely first turn his aim on Republicans he doesn't think are "preforming" as they ought to and not keeping with the "agenda". Given the lack of leadership with the federal Democrats, there is little to fear from them. For the mid terms Paul Ryan is up for re-election and there are some who'd like to see him be more effective or be gone. The Dems. though do have a good candidate there who is up and working.

Anonymous said...

Trump explained:
1 - If you have ever done anything to harm Trump's ego, you are bad.
2 - Otherwise, you are good. I'll grant Trump that at least he gives people the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...