Sunday, May 31, 2020

Our Sunday Pick...Jason Isbell Explains How He Wrote His 'Protest' Song.


It started with the riff, not the lyric.

Specifically, when Jason Isbell came up with a melody that had a funk groove underneath it he decided he had to treat it carefully.

And so, with the weight of the cultural appropriation world weighing on him, he wrote a tune about his own white privilege.

And then, as a Southern man of the kind that Mr. Young once sang about, Isbell went out and sold it to an audience that needed to hear it.

Even if some of them didn't want to.

Hear it I mean....

You can hear Isbell explain all this when he talks to Rick Rubin on the Broken Record podcast....Here.



Keith said...

Doesn’t matter when he wrote the song, you can pick any day of the week since the beginning of American slavery and it would be bang on.

Temptations “ ball of confusion” More relevant now than when it was made.

RossK said...

Agreed Keith - the impressive thing is that Isbell, a white man from Northern Alabama, did write it and does play it for his fellow Southern men.

And a great recommendation from the Temptations.



Keith said...

The equally impressive thing about Isbell and with that song at this time, he is a leading moral authority in a country sadly devoid of anything resembling
leadership or morality.

Ball of confusion should replace the star spangled banner.