Friday, January 28, 2022

Born In The Fifties.


My friend the Drummer, who is one of the group of musically-gifted geezers that let me hang around with them sometimes, contracted a relatively mild case of polio when he was a kid. As a result, until he finally had successful corrective surgery a couple of years ago, the Drummer always walked with a bit of a limp that became more exaggerated when he was tired and/or after we finished a long set, especially when Bo Diddley beats and/or Stewart Copeland riffs were involved.

Like the Drummer, I too, am a boomer. However, I am a few years younger than he is which means that, because I was born in the late fifties, I was lucky enough to be vaccinated and never had to worry about polio.


When the geezers really get going, especially when we've had a few, the Drummer insists that I go into what he calls my 'Nearly Neil' act. And what comes out is an (often failed) attempt to imitate the caterwauling of  'Keep On Rocking' rather than the thin, helpless warble that you usually hear around these parts.



What sent me off on a digressive goose chase this time?

Why, the real Neil, of course.

A few years ago our lab played a small part in helping the Drummer, who is also a science geek, test some compounds that could  prevent round worm infections when said 'parasitic nematodes' become resistant to, among other things...Wait for it....Ivermectin... Seriously.
Post header got your earworm turning?....This.



Bruce Mitchell said...

I wonder if the Drummer ever tackled 7and 7 Is by Love?

RossK said...


Will have to ask him that!


Chuckstraight said...

I suspect many young people do not have memories of classmates in school with leg braces as they are too young.

RossK said...


As Jack Webster would have said, especially given that he likely saw a number of those braces....Precisely!


Chuckstraight said...

I see Joni has joined Neil and Spotify shares have dropped. Good.

NVG said...

I guess you've seen what's happening to Spotify, and all because of your post

e.a.f. said...

I remember polio. we didn't have the vaccine yet and our Mothers kept us in the yard. On my first day at school one of the other children, came with her Mom, in a wheelchair. Her Dad had died of polio. I was 6 yrs old,. I learnt the lesson about the usefulness of vaccines early.

I always like to play the odds and in my book, the odds favour those who have the shots/vaccines. More people have died from a lack of a vaccine than those who died because of having a shot.

How we live has changed and it might never return to what it once was for many of us. There are those who believe they are invincible. There are those who believe "god" will keep them safe. Mom always told us, god helps those who help themselves.

Here is to science which has made our lives so much better and helped us defeat many diseases and helped us live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Thank you to Neil Young for speaking out.