Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Real World Data...Vaccine Protection Against Death In Switzerland And The United States.

From the Scripps Institute's Eric Topol.


Tim said...

This is the type of data that any reasonable person should look at while "doing their own research" on vaccination. However, when one has been bombarded with misinformation and propaganda, they are too far into the depths of the insane to snap out of it, even pictures of ventilated patients on their last breath can't do it. Unfortunate, but that is where we are and it won't change until the pandemic subsides, but some other grievance will takes its place. BC Waterboy

Graham said...

Wow! Stark difference. Even though it’s a much smaller difference it makes me glad to have recently had the booster.
To the anti’s though I don’t think such numbers mean anything. They are too far gone now and I don’t believe there is anything that will bring them back. The Djokovic saga, this trucker rally, the line some right wing politicians are straddling, the comments I read in other publications, all lead me to believe there is a small but loud and obnoxious group that will never do the smart and good thing for themselves and society.
So, the next moves for the majority will be interesting and probably need a skilful and wise hand to guide.