Friday, January 14, 2022

Poor Poor Pitiful He.


Last Saturday morning, the man who once left Harpertown to run the good ship Clarklandia, Mr. Ken Boessenkool, woke up, fell out of bed, pulled a comb across his head and took to the Twittmachine to play to the crowd:

When it became apparent, by Saturday evening, that not all of the crowd would play along, the good Mr. B cried foul:


Is it possible that the putative public square is not quite so ready to follow the neandercon playbook as blindly as, say, those who pack the Line's zoom room?

Header got your inner earworm working?....This.



Lew said...

As a former lobbyist for several pharmaceutical firms, Mr. Boessenkool should be aware that Canadians have always received the bulk of their medications from pharmacies. What makes receipt of a vaccine any different?

If his real motive was to “Describe how Canadian health care works”, he might have pointed that out. It may have saved him from having to run for cover. Which he was doing last time we saw the back of him.

Bruce mitchell said...

We should just vaccinate the super healthy and then watch the health trickle down

e.a.f. said...

I wouldn't want Mr. B to put his head on the track, but he might want to find another hobby.

Quess he's been living under a rock in Alberta or somewhere because a lot of us receive our flu shots every year from the pharmacy.

Perhaps the poor guy was just trying to stay relevant or get his name out there. He ought to give it up and find something else to do. No wonder B.C. was in such terrible shape when he worked here.

Nice clip of Rondstad!

Lulymay said...

What a dingbat! Of course, he was brought to BC by a dingbat, right? It seems to have completely overlooked a few relevent FACTs by said B-dingbat.
1. The greatest proponent of a Canadian health care initiative was none other than Tommy Douglas, a Baptist Church minister (he also pushed for a Canada wide pension plan for ALL workers later on). I would not at any time describe the Baptist Church as a "left wing" organization.

In the last 20 years (pre Covid), I spent some of my winter in a sunny climate in the US. This entails purchasing PRIVATE insurance to cover us when out of province. The last year (2020) for 2 aging retirees cost us c$1800 for 35 days included a provision that I pay the first $1,000 for any and all incidents I may had to deal with. As I age, the price gets higher.

The funny thing is this: we also spent time in other parts of the world but our insurance was always priced on the American model. For example, we sent to Europe in 2008 with a plan to walk the Camino (pilgrim trail in Spain) and at our age (the other half celebrated his 75th on the trail) I had to anti up a significant $$$ (close to $500) to cover us for that 2 months we intended to spend in Europe ad Spain. Funny thing, my husband got sick while there and we saw several doctors who charged us NOTHING because we were Canadian, so I have to think that because they had a country health care system as did Canada we paid nothing for the consultation.

So, Ken Bossenkook has no idea what he is promoting, except that it is very much a neo-con agenda. Any time these Cons starting blathering about bringing in a private health care agenda, they just dig themselves a bigger whole. When I think these hangers in political dungheaps, I just keep thinking: open mouth wide and insert foot!