Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Why I'm Still Taking Precautions Against SARS-CoV-2.


I'm in my early 60's.

And I'm in decent shape.

And I'll be getting my booster on Thursday.

Thus, if I get infected over the next four-to-six weeks, very likely with the omicron variant, it's reasonably likely that I will be fine, at least acutely, even if I do develop symptoms. 

This is something I'm extremely thankful for and it is something that would have been very difficult to assume a year ago before the full tilt vaccine roll-out.


Why am I doubling down and planning to be extra careful over the next four-to-six weeks?

Because I do not want to spread the highly transmissible omicron form of the virus to others, potentially many others, some of whom may then get sick and need to go to hospital.

Why does this matter?


As more people have to be treated for COVID symptoms in our hospitals as transmission skyrockets fewer people will be treated and/or or receive surgery for non-COVID issues in a timely manner due to the resulting back-up in our healthcare system (something that has already started).

Which means that by being careful re: COVID, I plan to do what I can, in a very small way as just a normal, run-of-the-mill community member, to increase the chances that someone else in my community will be able to get the treatments and/or surgeries they need.


Full disclosure...
Someone very close to me and mine is scheduled to have important non-COVID treatment in the next few months...Thus, the decision I've made to be extra careful has both community and personal implications for me and mine.



Lulymay said...

Me too, Ross! I'm a very healthy 82 year old (and scared to death of needles) but the other half, who was a long term HEAVY smoker, has had pneumonia at least twice and (finally) had blood clots to 3 of 4 lobes of his lungs and the specialists that looked after him have no idea why he is still alive (that was 20 years ago). So, he finally decided after it might be prudent to be a "good boy" as the saying goes.

He's is close to his 89th birthday now and with the magic of medical research and a few pills, he is bopping right along. He has been getting a pneumonia shot every year but when we started hearing of "pandemic" and "lungs" in the same sentence, we made a pact that whatever the health folks advised, we were there to listen and heed their words of wisdom.

Now, for the other part: I knew that I must also get the Covid shots, but my fear of needles made me a laggard in getting registered. However, he talked to a doctor on site and they took me by the hand and gently made sure I got my 2 shots (I SURVIVED!!!) and am waiting for notifcation to get the 3rd dose.

I only go out every 2nd Thursday to do the "food and booze" run, otherwise we stay at home and keep in touch with good friends and family over the phone and on the internet. I consider ourselves lucky that we are in an age group where "work" is a thing of the past, and while we miss our month or so in the sun, our health is holding up and we eat well, so why on earth would be find it necessary to criticize all those folks that are spending countless hours looking after folks (who for whatever reason) are carping night and day about their great loss of freedom? Does a night at a noisy pub rank higher than a human life??? Jeebus!!!that's all I can respond to them.

RossK said...

So great to hear from you Lulymay--

You and yours take care - here's to hoping you will soon have your month in the sun!

I too am extremely lucky that, even though I'm still working, I can mostly work quite productively while staying at home.

I realize that many, many other fellow citizens don't have that luxury - one more reason that folks like me should do our best to take precautions to decrease spread and hospitalizations at this crucial time.


Graham said...

Makes sense to me.
You and Lulumay both.
Count down T minus 12.5 days till booster is delivered.
The skiing has been great. Both cross country and downhill. I’m ice-olating. Get it?

RossK said...

Get it, indeed Graham--

Ice-olation sounds great!


e.a.f. said...

At 72 I want to live long enough to see how some political situations play out around the world. O.K. that is the selfish reason I stay away from public situations.

Its quite simple to me. When people ignore "best advise" and wind up in the hospital, that person takes up a bed. A bed which might be needed if some one has a heart attack, cancer, breaks a leg, etc. We have a social responsibility to ensure we don't wind up in hospital.

I've had my two shots, one booster and if there is an annoucment for a second booster, I'm game. I don't want to catch COVID and I don't want to spread it to any one else. You might kill some one you love, doing that.

Since the start of covid, I haven't attended social events, shop for groceries only, o.k. I needed new glasses, and I've saved a lot of money. no clothes shopping no new shoes

as I remind people, there are a bunch of people in this world who are too young to be vaccinated. we don't want them to become infected with covid and die or become long haulers. They're the future tax payers of the country and we're going to need them to pay for all of this,. It may be selfish, but that is frequently what motivates people.

At some level I just don't get it. People want to go to bars, gyms, etc. and risk becoming infected and winding up in hospital. they may infect others without they themselves knowing they have COVID. The person they may pass covid on to maybe some one who is immune compromised and will die. So whose rights take priority. the person who just wants to stay alive or the person who wants to go to a game, the bar, not want a vaccine, or wear a mask.