Thursday, January 13, 2022

Acknowledging The Remembering.


Mr. Mark Marissen,  the former political advisor to former provincial premier Christy Clark, is running to be the next mayor of Vancouver. 

Writing as a guest columnist in the Georgia Straight Mr. Marissen has a lot of ideas about how to 'fix this Vancouver housing crisis with open hearts and open minds'.

Before he gets to his prescription, Mr. Marissen has this to say:
"...Before we talk about solutions, it’s important for all of us to acknowledge the fact that single-detached houses in Vancouver will most likely never be available again for middle-class families who don’t have access to a large inheritance..."

Personally, I had to pause there, mouth agape, while recalling how the past practices of the previous provincial government of this province helped get us to where we are today.

If you get my open-minded, non-forgetting drift.

As for my heart?

Well, I'd rather not say.



Lew said...

His rivals should be asking Mr. Marissen why we should believe he can pull off his housing dream when he couldn’t even get his former spouse or her “Mr Fixit” Rich Coleman to open their hearts and minds on the Little Mountain file. And while they’re at it they could request he provide receipts to prove how hard he tried.

NVG said...

Mr. Marissen's ultimate goal is to take the same route that Gordon Campbell did to become first, the Mayor of Vancouver, secondly the Premier of British Columbia and then it will be off to become the Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom? A Fairy tale ....

e.a.f. said...

thanks for printing markie's latest "thoughts". We can do without them.

when I first read some time ago, he was thinking of running for Mayor, the first thing which went through my mind, some of those developers in B.C. are going to be making a lot of money.

He wants to change the zoning regulations so a lot of those single family houses can become multi family homes, as in apartments, town houses, etc. You can make so much more money and we are running out of land in Greater Vancouver. If markie is elected, you can expect densifiction, but you still won't be able to afford the homes. Nice town houses out in surrey/white rock are over a million now. New condos are running $700K and up. That isn't what working people can afford to pay without a huge salary increase. It won't make rents go down or even them out. It will however work very well for investors from all over the world.

Markie thinks this might make people vote for him, but he needs to realize the majority of people in Vancouver are renters and he is no socialist.

Oh, well just think of him as a combo of el gordo and christie, the worst of each. Hey isn't he the guy who was married to christy? Ya, well good luck to the voters of Vancouver. Premier of the province? oh, goody we may get money lkaundrying back. this time I'll have to get in on it and make some real money. these pensions just aren't enough anymore.