Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Spotify Can't Play This Right Now...

And why, exactly, have I only liked 27 of Uncle Neil's tunes on the aggregator run by the Lords of Rogan Town?

The music streaming platform Spotify is in the process of removing Neil Young’s music after the company refused to take down Joe Rogan’s podcast amid the musician’s objections that it spread vaccine misinformation...

And, just to be clear....Mr. Young was not the first one to make the call...Two hundred and seventy reasonably well informed folks beat him to the punch with a letter of their own....Neil's take on how he responded upon reading that letter is...Here.



chuckstraight said...

I agree with Neil Young.

Tim said...

Gee, I wonder if the good Mr. Rogan's podcast gets more hits or makes more money than Neil's extensive and prolific discography? Obviously the decision is on free speech principles and not profits. Or?

e.a.f. said...

read Neil Young's statement. good for him. He is standing by his principles.

I suspect its about profits and not principles for spotify.

Yes, there is the principle of /freedom of speech, but shouting fire in a crowded theatre, where there isn't one, is frowned upon, as is "hate speech". Sprewing out incorrect information regarding covid is not helping anyone except perhaps the one doing the spewing, as they attempt to gather more supporters.

keith said...

Yes, it’s about the money.

Rogan’s podcast receives about 11 million hits per episode and he has a 2020 100 million contract with spotify. Some 270 or so doctors have contacted spotify to ask they don’t continue airing Rogans false claims. Spotify have said they have removed thousands of inaccurate claims re: vaccines and the virus, but so far Rogan has been untouched.

In the states a lot of latitude is given to what is said under the free speech section of the first amendment, but Rogans podcast is international. What I find hard to understand is why false and misleading claims in advertising and the mainstream media are subject to various penalties in many countries but his podcast along with similar endeavours get away with this rubbish.