Thursday, January 06, 2022

It Would Appear That Many People Are Looking Up...


It would appear that many folks are looking up 'Don't Look Up' on the Tomato meter....

And then ignoring said meter...

But is the movie actually good?

Not really, at least not in cinematic terms, given that the satire is so broad and the farce so predictable.

But in my opinion it is a noble effort.

Especially given that in many ways  the film does reflect our actual reality, particularly as it is perceived by so many of us through the lens of an always-be-trivializing media in these twisted times.

Just ask climate scientist Peter Kalmus and longtime climate science commentator/activist George Monbiot.




Danneau said...

Dr. Strangelove for our times. I just don't see myself watching DLU anywhere near the several dozen screenings of DSlove, but part of the charm of Strangelove was that it broke a lot of the barriers to "mainstream" satire, in somewhat the same way that Monty Python pried loose some of the cultural corset ties and unleashed a free-for-all in pop media. Kind of a what once were vices now are habits sort of a thing, hat doff to Doobies. DLU was us following the herd and knowing the outcome from having been something of a climate activist for what seems like too long.

RossK said...


If I'm not mistaken, didn't Major Kong look around all over the place without actually seeing anything?


Danneau said...

30th(?) screening coming up! I get to check the rushes! Any excuse for Strangelove and popcorn.

RossK said...


Any excuse, indeed!


JP said...

I've seen this film and I do appreciate the attempt to give people some type of reality check, it was a little too late in the game to really be humourous in any way.

It was too predictable and I barely finished it.

Just my opinion.