Saturday, January 08, 2022

Tagline vs. Text.


The tagline, from the dead-tree edition of Maclean's 2022, year ahead, special issue:
"Far from limiting its fortunes, the (Liberal) party's wokeness has ensured its success."

The text, from a piece by Paul Wells on whether Justin Trudeau will stay or go:
"If pressed to explain themselves, Trudeau Liberals would insist that, far from limiting its electoral fortunes, the contemporary party’s wokeness has actually bolstered and ensured its electoral success."

Do you see what the type-setters looking to grab eyeballs, presumably with some editor's approval, did (and did not do) there?

Only got to
this particular chunk of dead-tree linear type this morning...Received it in my stocking Christmas morning but it just took me a while to get to this particular pile of paper.



NVG said...

way off topic but ... did you hear about Kevin Falcon and the BC Liberal leadership race is fixed...

Kelowna Castanet has the dope.....

reviews of the membership lists conducted by campaigns in the leadership race have concluded there is the potential for massive voter fraud next month to choose a new leader. The problems appear to have become acute in recent months: for instance, campaigns are questioning the validity of more than 14,000 of the 23,000 memberships sold since last May 1, when the campaigns and the membership drives went into high gear.

In some cases, the membership data reveals that more than one member shares a phone number or an email address. In some of those cases, campaigns found members that held the same phone number and email address but different residential addresses in different ridings. Some had provided out-of-province phone numbers or addresses, and some addresses weren’t residences but were parking lots or forestry service roads.

Chuckstraight said...

“2015 will be the last election with first past the post”

Gordie said...

I gave up on Maclean's years ago, back around the time Conrad Black got out of jail. Maclean's was absolutely in love with Black at that time, probably because his wife wrote a column for the magazine. They ran an article written by Black explaining why he shouldn't have been convicted. I was looking forward to hearing his well-thought out view but I was sorely disappointed. Essentially, he said that everybody in the justice system was stupid. Total trash article. Good bye Maclean's.

e.a.f. said...

agree with Gordie. Haven't purchased a Maclean's mag in a couple of decades, there just isn't any news in it or interesting articles. Adbusters is a much more interesting mag.