Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Keef Report...Bonding With Ron Obvious.


I've been giving the good Mr. Baldrey a pass during COVID, mostly because I view all that that encompasses to be (mostly) a public health matter rather than a political one.

But now that the Keef has turned his attention back to the pols...

Now, of course, a journalist suggesting that a political party should choose their 'new' leader from the non-candidate pool because of things he likes what he sees is bad enough on its own.

But when you add in the 'call to the herd' factor it's almost as if our local Lotuslandian media version of the Glimmer Twins is back in the saddle again...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Ross on the Baldry persona. I wondered how long it would take for him to drift back to the BC Liberal fold. The nuances expressed by Global media types such as Sussman and most of their news people is pro BC Liberal. As for Ms. Bond, she has come out the woods to show naturally smarmy self. RG

RossK said...


Fair enough, but I reckon it's important to understand that the good Mr. Baldrey often operates as an access-driven journo.

I first noticed the madness in this method when it came to the Keef's treatment of a very fine fellow named Hahn.

Thus, if the Falcon and his Snowmen move to the front of the pack I'd be willing to take short odds that the Keef will never utter Ms. Bond's name again unless, of course, she becomes a paid Global commentator.


Lew said...

I know Keef’s modus operandi is to play nice so he’ll be allowed to sleep indoors, but this is overkill even for him. Looks like he’s aiming to be allowed right up on the couch.

The Tweet that has these two hard-hitters swooning is nothing more than regurgitation of a quote from the comments section on an article authored by one of the acting leader’s boys. That makes her “on her game”, “very, very, effective”, “terrific”, and “very electable”. Oh my!

I’d say the bar has been set very low by these titans of journalism, and wonder if rather than just setting the bar, they didn’t close one on Wednesday night.

RossK said...


As you might have expected, Ms. Bond responded in couch cushiony kind.


e.a.f. said...

Bond as leader of the B.C. Lieberals, OMG, What was Keefe thinking. Bond is a disaster when she's on t.v. and no better when she's in the Leg. Now if Keefe is comparing Bond to Falcon, who knows, but I'd say they are equally terrible. They were both part of the el gordo/christy clark cabal and neither of them are any good for much.

As to Keefe's comments, he most likely is positioning himself for something which will benefit him and not the public.

Do wonder if there is trouble afoot in the election of the new leader, and could the whole thing be thrown out, leaving Bond in her current chair. If that is the case, then perhaps Keefe is trying to give her a hand. Leaving Bond in the leadership role is a gift to the NDP and Green Party. Sort of like a second Christmas

Lew said...

e.a.f. - Second Christmas? To Ms Bond, every day is Christmas.