Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Birdman And The Queen Of The Photo-Op....That Was Then, This Is Now.



Update, LateNight Wednesday: It took an extra day, what with the faux outrage over Enbridge's Kazoostone Cops thing in Michigan, but the announcement was for a mere $80 million....When, we wonder, will the Goodship Watercarrier bemoan the Photo-Op Queen's demonstrated penchant for making promises we can't pay for?

It all seems like ages ago....

But, in fact, we only learned of Kevin Falcon's scolding of unfunded mandates a couple of weeks ago.

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has sent an extraordinary warning to members of his own government, telling them not to make flashy spending announcements with-out first having their budgets fully approved.

In an April letter obtained by The Vancouver Sun, Falcon told all his cabinet colleagues they must submit press releases and other announcement details to him or his deputy minister before a capital project can be made public.

"There was a bit of drifting off message," Falcon said in an interview Thursday, explaining the need for his warning...


What' the Queen of the Photo-Op up to now?

Well, the good folks up in the swingin' Loops think, perhaps, that she's  heading their way to make a big announcement.

Andrea Klassen has the story in Kamloops This Week:

Premier Christy Clark is headed back to Kamloops for the second time in two weeks.

Clark’s press secretary, Mike Morton, confirmed the premier will be in the city on Wednesday, July 11, for an event of “particular interest.”...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Though details of this week's visit are limited, some are theorizing Clark will announce partial funding for the Royal Inland Hospital’s site master plan...

Go figure.

Me, I'm still waiting, with fishbaited breath for the 'sudden' announcement that her Photo-Oppenwiserheimerness is leaving politics so that she can parachute into the new and exclusive west coast SunNews slot...



Anonymous said...

I've been monitoring the Kamloops media and so far no announcement on the hospital funding. She did attend Todd Stone's big announcement that he wants to replace mouthpiece Krueger. If this is why she is in Kamloops... are taxpayers funding the Liberal Party's election bid ?
I could be wrong.. but it's after 4:00pm and no news on hospital funding from the Liberal government that is apparently broke.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...

Thanks Guy--

Maybe the Birdman really is the king of the castle now?


Anonymous said...

Now I read CC is in Kamloops today for a big funding announcement. I hope she has cleared this with Kevin.
I also read the Mayor wants the parking lot upgraded at RIH... while the nurses union wants medical care ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Yes well, talk is very cheap for Christy. Doing what she says, is entirely another matter. Campbell broke every promise he made. I expect nothing different from Christy.

We still haven't seen, Christy's family's first promises. Christy has placed a bigger burden than ever, on her family's. The b.s. BC HST scam, still in limbo. Heat costs up, hydro way up. MSPBC premiums up. ICBC vehicle insurance higher. Food costs through the roof.

As with Campbell, big business gets all the tax breaks, from Christy as well. She refuses to tax, the wealthiest corporations in this province. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals steal from us, to give to big business.

e.a.f. said...

CC does goes around making announcments which cost the taxpayers a lot of money the government doesn't really have.

If Cc was interested in health care she might start by ensuring the hospitals were clean so people didn't die of infections while there.

Before they expand Royal Inland lets make sure they can operate what they have without infections & dirty instruments. Of course that would cost money which CC isn't going to hand over. All this "news" about money coming, ya, its coming.......but she's going.

People no longer believe any of the announcments she is making because they all are after the next election.

CC is simply setting up the next government for failure. She promises now, the next government may not be able to deliver because there is no money & nothing to make money with. She or her successor can point to the NDP & say, well we promsied, they jsut won't deliver because of bad management.

Anonymous said...

Gee Kevie, you lost the leadership race. When will you accept that fact? Sometimes women beat you.

Though I cannot stand either you or Christy, your disrespect of women shows clear as day.

RossK said...


Great points, thanks.



Fair enough.


It could be a move by The Birdman to separate himself from her Photo-Oppness if, indeed, there is a move to go for a full-court fusion with the Curmudgeon in the fall.