Thursday, July 26, 2012

Latenight With Real Journalism...


This week it has been impossible not to notice that the best obfuscators that the local Campbell/Clark/Falcon government have to offer have found themselves a new Watercarrier not named Good to play faux-nice with.

So, as an audio antidote...

If you would like to hear a real interviewer nail a serial obfuscator to the wall who, in his own words, implies that there is an important distinction in being 'partially' vs. 'totally' inconsistent when you initiate violent regime change, have a listen to this fantastic interview by RadioNewZealand  Kim Hill of Tom Friedman:

If you don't have 49 minutes to make your night, just slide the little lever along to the 42min 45sec mark and listen to Ms. Hill stop The Moustache dead in his tracks when she asks the most obvious question possible that he is never, ever asked on the myriad Mouse Circus shows he goes on in America.


Tip 'O the Tam-O-Shanter to both Driftglass and one of his readers 'Hit and Miss' for the link to Ms. Hill's most awesome interview....



West End Bob said...

Ha! I read Greenwald's post yesterday which included that link. CLASSIC put-down of the worldisflat pontificator, eh, RossK?

You're right: The 42:00 mark on is the BEST! It sounded like friedman was having a seizure on air trying to defend himself.

L-O-V-E-D it immensely . . . .

West End Bob said...



Speaking of REAL journalism, check this out!

Refreshing, eh, RossK ? ? ? ?

RossK said...


Thanks Bob.