Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lemonade Stand v. Legislature


Yesterday, based on the statement of Auditor General John Doyle regarding Kevin Falcon's 'potential' $500 million budget deficit underestimate, we asked if the Campbell/Clark/Hansen/Abbott/BigRich/Boessenkool/Morgan/Anton Government is fit to run your daughter's lemonade stand.

Well, today, it looks like, perhaps they may not be fit to run a legislature.

The following is from JFowlie's first-off-the-mark piece in this afternoon's VSun:

VICTORIA - In an audit released today, Auditor-general John Doyle has identified substantial issues with the finances at B.C.'s Legislature.

"The audit identified a large number of significant and serious issues. As a result, I am unable to conclude as to whether the amounts recorded in the financial records we examined are correct," Doyle said in a news release.

"As it stands, the Legislative Assembly is falling well short of the basic financial management practices established for the rest of government."...

Interestingly enough, this one really has The Dean riled....

Meanwhile, Les Leyne et al. make jokes.

Of course, we are quite certain that somebody from said government mentioned above and/or PHochstein's frontgroup will be on with the Cluffmaster Flash tomorrow morning stating unequivocally (and unchallenged) that this is, in fact, all Dave Barrett's fault.


And, lest you think that the Barrett thing is so far-fetched as to be completely crazy, well....Just make sure you don't tell Ms. Always Campaigning....errrrr...Anton that it was he (i.e. Mr. Barrett) who really got the ball rolling on those silly, socialist 'Hansard' thingies...


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