Monday, July 09, 2012

Don't Cry For Thee Governor Moonbeam


We are now in California.

Yesterday we paid eight bucks to park at an historical site called Fort Ross on the near-Northern coast in Sonoma County.

Which really is an interesting place.

It's just that all we really wanted was a picnic table by the side of the road....

For lunch.

And it cost us 8 bucks.

Which is fine, as far as it goes, because we're tourists.

So we'll pay.

But what about the locals that have to pay the ransom everytime because Gerry Brown, like the Governator before him, is squeezing the crap out of the California State Parks program?

Doing things like jacking user fees through the roof.

And closing facilities hand-over-fist to save a lousy $22 million. 

Think about that the next time you hear, see or readabout about all the great mega-billions stuff ol' Moonbeam is doing as he tries to jumpstart his highspeed rail project.


E. busked a little on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley as littler e. bought her tye-dye dress on the weekend...We worked on our set-list this morning....Film coming...We're now on the coast in Mendocino County...



kootcoot said...

Ahh, Telegraph Avenue, maybe the original referred to as just the Avenue. I was fortunate to spend some time residing a couple blocks off the Avenue during the sixties, I think it was Ward Street, not far from the campus gate, and comfortingly far enough from scary Oakland. Between the Ave and the campus, there was so much to do or see, who the hell could find time to go to say, Big Sur, Marin or even "the City" to look for Tony Bennett's heart. It jostles good memories, thanks Ross!

RossK said...

You're most welcome Koot.

We walk across Sproul Plaza every time we visit.


Danneau said...

Didn't Brown almost single-handedly engender the dreaded Prop 13? I got to watch the mid-60s from Tiburon and Divisadero Street in SF before fleeing for a different vision of sanity (my folks, not mine, I was comfortably nuts where I was but tagged along because I was part of the tribe). From a safe distance, California seemed to embody all the developing ills of society in its own little fishbowl. Now we're paying for the party. Sad, because the best part of the party was the people, and we know that people don't have to cost a fortune or cast a pall over everyone else's future. And too bad that they too often do just that. Hope the road is being kind to the RClan.

RossK said...

Road is being very kind to us Danneau - thanks.

Ya, Moonbeam was the Gov.....But it was launched by a couple of early teaparty types named Jarvis and Gann.

Wiki's actually pretty good on this one.

kootcoot said...

But hey Ross, please give us the news on the important stuff, like who is Guv Brown dating this time around, I mean Linda Ronstadt is so....yesterday. Is it Katie Perry or has he stolen Adele from her fiance?

RossK said...

Not sure Koot.

But I am almost certain that there is no truth to the scurrilous rumour that he is getting ready to shack up with one Ms. K. Gosselin due to the fact that he has a phobia of the number 'eight'.

Or some such thing.