Friday, July 27, 2012

The Irrelevant Show...Starring The Dean And P.Diddly.



Update: To read all about Mr. Palmer's very relevant VSun print column, where he names and blames all concerned in a good way (and I do a half-a-mama-mea-culpa), please see here.

This morning Vaughn Palmer was on Philip Till's radio show talking about, as they described it, the farcical (Palmer) and the disgraceful (Till) goings on in the Legislative Budget Committee.

Here is what they did not describe:

....That the BC Liberal Party is in control of the committee and, presumably, has held that control for the last eleven years.

....Who the Chair of the committee is.

....Why the committee, which is controlled by the BC Liberal Party, would not, or could not, release the relevant account details that the Auditor General asked for.

...Who is responsible for compiling those account details and who hired them.


Here is what Mr. Palmer and Mr Till did do.

They did 'blame' the NDP.

And they did so explicitly (i.e. it was not inferred).


Well, because, as they noted, the NDP does have two members on the committee.

Which is the minority.

Which means that, according to Mr. Palmer, "they could have done more".



Maybe Christy Clark was right at that barbeque a couple of weeks ago.

But for all the wrong reasons.

Look....I am not saying that any and all committee members should not be held to account here, particularly if they were privvy to the apparent 'shenanigans'....But I am saying here that to go immediately, first, and only after two minority members of a longstanding committee is bizarre (and farcical and disgraceful?) in the extreme....
And, before Bob gives me a hard time....Why was I listening to the P.Diddly show this morning?....Well...Fell asleep listening to the NW sports talking show last night...Which reminds me...What the heckfire have they done with/to Dan Russell anyway?



Ian said...

RossK, The government not only has the majority on the committee, the committee meetings are at the call of the government house leader. As is the agenda.

there were only two meetings last year. Neither dealt with the auditor's review. Neither did they deal with the follow up - under the speaker's aegis - to the auditor's previous report.

I suppose the opposition could have resigned but the ramifications to that go way beyond auditing and accounting.

RossK said...

Thanks Ian,

Even more important things that were NOT described by Mess'rs Palmer and Till.

Did they come up on the Ledgie Boy Broadcast?

I ask because I noted that Mr. Baldrey was also trashing the NDP on the Twittmobile last night.


Anonymous said...

No doubt, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, didn't thieve BC blind and sell off every resource and asset, this province and the people owned either. I suppose the Liberals didn't force the HST on the BC citizens. I doubt the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals will admit, all of them work for Harper. And, the BC judicial system, isn't corrupt either.

Hell, Harper won't even admit he hired Carson, knowing damned well, he was a convicted criminal. Harper wanted to win a majority pretty damned badly.

I.m not going to go on. everyone knows the gist anyway.

Grant G said...

Well Ross K..I went to the cknw audio vault to have a listen..

But unfortunately because of the Hitlereque/Goebbels run Olympic IOC thugs...

The audio vault is in limbo..IOC has reached across the Atlantic ocean and prevented me and everyone else from listening to the cutting ledge or Simi Sara because..

THE IOC believes that listeingn to old(er) AM infringes on their rights?????

Check out this link and warning.

Anonymous said...

"Blame? I fault Barisoff first and foremost."
Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun - July 27, 2012

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...
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RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Above--

I will update.