Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Snook's Real Nightmare...


Nevermind the overall party preference numbers in the latest from AngusReid.

Or even the regional stuff that has the Dippers comfortably ahead in every single hill and dale of the province, including Hurtlandia.

Because the really scary part for the Queen of The Photo-Ops and her Campbellerian Wizards and Surrogates who are now safely ensconced behind the curtains and ad-buy skirts of the corpMedia are the gender splits.

I mean, the male thing might be salvageble at 39% Dipper vs 29% LINO.

But it's the female split that is gone at fully 51% Dipper to only 17% LINO.

Again, 17%.


When you hear the pundits pontificate in their best puffed-up finery about how Ms. Clark gets a rough ride because she is a woman, please understand that the members of the citizenry that really see her for what she is are, well, you know....



Please Note: LINO = Liberal In Name Only.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It would appear as though the political horsemen behind the Clark's b.s. conservative makeover have been spiking their whisky with South American frog venom. There is no way her appeal with women would be so Gordian low if she had been madeover as some sort of a family loving communist instead of the hockey loving Archie Bunker we have seen so far.

RossK said...

Mr. Beer--

To the very best of our Lebanese barber's knowledge there is absolutely no truth to the outrageous rumour that one of the horsemen's finest stable boys was assumed, but not actually seen, to be in the possession of a small, but serious, quantity of the stuff that did not actually bring down honest Ed Muskie....

Or some such thing.


macadavy said...

Archie Bunker loves hockey? Well he would wouldn't he's
'The Coache's' soulmate, after all!
LINO = Liberal In Name Only
I love it!