Friday, July 20, 2012

Mr. Dix Attempts To Stop WhiskeyGate...

....And Create A Wedge Issue That Actually Matters.

'NW's Charmaine de Silva has the story:

BC NDP leader Adrian Dix says Premier Christy Clark and the  BC Liberals have absolutely no mandate to privatize the liquor distribution branch....
{snippety doo-dah}
...Dix says the Premier should put the brakes on the idea now and then put in front of voters as an issue in the next provincial election.
 "The government is proposing to sign a 10-year contract within weeks of a provincial election...trying to tie the hands, not just of future government, but tie the hands of taxpayers over the next several election cycles."
 Dix says an NDP government would consider back-tracking on any deal signed by the BC Liberals.

Damn fine idea, eh?

Let the people decide after there has been a thorough, vigorous discussion during an election campaign (which has become the only way to go, what with the fixed voting dates and the fact that such things are now essentially impossible in the hamstrung legislature).

But here's the thing.

The trolls are already coming out from under the bridge, with and/or without their 'media-monitoring' contracts in hand.

Here's an example of a comment attached to Ms. de Silva's story.

"Dix would take a lot of heat from his BCGEU buddies if he privatized the LDB. All those union jobs and pensions might be in jeopardy."


Need background?...Bob Mackin has the goods.



e.a.f. said...

Harvey O. had an interesting blog this week about any attempts to "give away" the LCB. He discussed such things as fiduciary responsibility. I loved the column. Puts a whole different spin on things.

There really isn't a good financial reason to the the LCB. its just a parting gift from Rich to his richer friends.

karen said...

While I am a union member and a union supporter, I am not a member of the BCGEU, and the sale of the LDB does not affect me professionally. However I am a citizen and taxpayer of BC and the LDB BELONGS to me and my fellow BC citizens, and I take serious exception to the sake of our property without consultation or permission. As Ross would say...OK?

Anonymous said...

Campbell thieved and sold, an entire railroad, our BCR. He also thieved and sold, the priceless Real Estate that went with the BCR.That was his first election lie. The BCR wasn't for sale. We all saw how the corrupt judicial system and the corrupt judge, FIXED that problem for Campbell.

His second lie, the HST wasn't on his radar. Harper was drooling at the mouth for BC's HST, the dastardly duo, forced it on the BC people anyway.

Harper and his Conservatives, and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are in the lowest form, of the human species. Thieving and selling our Liquor stores, is no different than the theft and sale of our BCR, our rivers, our mills and raw logs.

Why do you think Christy and her Liberals, are any different than Campbell and his Liberals? For over a decade, the BC Liberals have, lied, deceived, broke promises, thieved, used dirty tactics, dirty politics, and are corrupt. They are exactly like, Harper and his ministers. None of them have any morals or ethics what-so-ever.

North Van's Grumps said...

Just to give your readers a handle on just how much money the BC Liberals have imposed on our Children's Children..... so far, it averages out at $5 billion per year.

Our Debt Net Load has been extended out 2055!

Which means, the BC Liberals, with their sell off of the LDB in their dying days of HIS mandate, not HERS, will have HIS buddies enjoying the fruits of our labours for at least TEN years after the 2013 election.

Anonymous said...

These thieves will be going to jail. They were elected on a platform they were not looking at selling bc rail, there will be no HST, and they weren t looking to sell LDB. Rich , you will be the first going to the big house, being an ex cop with a fat ass you will be welcomed like no other. You do not have permission to sell anything you greedy pig.

Anonymous said...

How about the comment campbell said about not "ripping up public sector contract"? another lie that the courts ruled unconstitutional.
How much did that lie cost the taxpayers of BC? and it seemed like the MSM forgot about his drunk driving in Hawaii.Then as a slap in the face of British Columbians Harper gives the lowest rated POS Drunken liar a cushy paid holiday in GB as our represenative?

Anonymous said...

To anonn @10:39, Mr Campbell not only made a comment he did an entire interview, epousing such things as honoring public sector contracts he didn't see things changing in that regard
following those statements, health authorities gained the legislation of contracting out services, thousands of people lost their jobs, the govt, down the road after the tearing up of the h.e.u. contract was brought to the supreme court, the decision by the court was made to pay out around 94 million to affected members. oh and before Campbell tore up those contracts of which 97% of the employers health bargaining commitee agreed to, and please also note that the last 3 contracts the govt signed with h.e.u. prior to this contract were 0 0 and 0,
haven't medical premiums have gone up in bc to almost 80% over and above what they were prior to what they were in the days before the Liberals, to present and future politicians keep your mitts off of our public assets