Saturday, July 21, 2012

What, Exactly, Was The (Not) Premier Elected To Do?


Everywhere you look these days Ms. Clark is, apparently, talkin' 'tough' about Enbridge.

Heckfire, the VSun even ran with that as their dead-tree, top-of-the-front page teaser-pointer to Jonathan Fowlie and Gordon Hoekstra's piece today. 

A fluff piece that, nevertheless, had the following interesting, although likely ultimately meaningless, quote from the sitting MLA from Vancouver Point-Grey:

...“British Columbians want to have our environment protected and they want to know that we’re going to be looking out for their best interests when it comes to jobs and economic benefits,” she said.

“I understand there are other politicians in this country that would rather that I put those things aside. I’m not going to. That was not what I was elected to do.”...


Here's the real thing...

When the fine folks from Upper Cremeville, who most definitely do NOT represent all 'British Columbians', elected the good Ms. Clark to (barely) become their MLA on the basis of the (very) late-charging strength of the advance polls in last spring's by-election what, exactly, were they electing her to do?

Look, I have no doubt that, now that she and the Wizards have set the hook into the hide of the herd media, that Ms. Clark will have all kinds of smoke and mirroresque stuff to announce next week....But will it actually be anything of real significance that isn't designed to give her a fake wedge issue while it smooths things over and attempts to grease the skids for Enbridge?....We shall soon find out.



Anonymous said...

Problem is. Christy and her BC Liberals work for Harper as did Campbell before her. Christy even had Boessenkool, another of Harper's boys working for her. He also lobbied for Enbridge. Christy doesn't support the Enbridge pipeline? Convince me.

Harper and his Conservatives and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are the most distrusted politicians, this country has ever known. Their corruption reeks.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Been a while since the good people of Point Grey, who formerly gave us Gordon Campbell, gave us his successor. They elected her, best as I can recall, to sweeten the smoke being blown up our butts.

e.a.f. said...

The good people of Point Grey will come to be very sorry about their decision to vote c.c. when the tankers spill bitamen all over the Vancouver harbour & it washes up in Point Grey. Then there are all of those who own lovely "cottages" in the Gulf Islands. They won't be of much use any more once the tankers start to spill.

I know can'thappen! Well have a look at the tsunami which hit Japan, look at the ship carrying logs to Japan last winter. See those flash floods, pipelines won't withstand any of that either. If you don't care about the enviornment, you might care about your property values.