Monday, July 23, 2012

Ms. Clark Goes All 'Talking Heads' On Northern Gateway...

...By Run, Run, Run, Run, Running Away!

And it was all set up with a pre-run puff-piece engineered by Big Mama Morton in this morning's Globe and (nolongerEmpire) Mail.

Here's the lede from non-Westcoast staffers Karen Howlett and Bill Curry that was posted online late Sunday night:

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark is warning that the environmental risks associated with a plan to sell Canadian oil to Asia through the Northern Gateway pipeline outweigh the economic benefits, leaving her at odds with the federal and Alberta governments.
Ms. Clark conveyed her concerns about the project during a series of high-level meetings, beginning with a telephone call to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday. She met face-to-face the same day with Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall in Saskatoon and Alberta Premier Alison Redford in Edmonton.
Ms. Clark gave them a heads-up on changes her government is seeking, before Canada’s 13 provincial and territorial leaders meet this week in Halifax, where the pipeline project will be on the agenda, her press secretary, Michael Morton, told The Globe and Mail...


She's talked to all the 'important' players, and now she's getting out of Dodge and heading to the East Coast for the duration.

Which might have some wondering which quisling or quislings will be left to carry her water after expectations were raised through the roof by the (not) Premier's very own speed-babble last week.

Luckily,  the Globe's Ms. Howlett and Mr. Curry 'know' who that will be:

...Mr. Morton said Ms. Clark also broadly supports a national energy strategy, but believes further talks are needed on how it would be executed.
It remains unclear whether her position on the Northern Gateway pipeline is conditional on the outcome of an ongoing National Energy Board review of the project. Two of her cabinet members – Environment Minister Terry Lake and Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Mary Polak – plan to hold a news conference on Monday morning in Vancouver, where they will outline the government’s position on the pipeline...


Terry Lake and Mary Polak still willing to do the dirty work?

It looks like, perhaps, the red meaters are all the (not) Premier has left.

But here's something worth considering...

Are the quislings taking their marching order from Ms. Clark.

Or, is the real Bossman on this matter the (not) Premier's partner in Timbits and lipstick, with missive delivered via the good Mr. Boessenkool?



Grant G said...

Hey Ross K...The Vancouver Sun had the story in the below link up earlier tonight, but about 11:30 pm the same story had it`s title changed(from Christy talks tough to the below title), the story is virtually unchanged except for the first paragraph, same story but with 1 new added paragraph to the start of the article..

"The BC Liberal government is considering a proposal that would see oil companies fund a portion of the province’s spill response teams in exchange for approval to build a massive new pipeline, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Environment Minister Terry Lake and Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Mary Polak will today release technical papers outlining what the province is calling the bottom lines that need to be met before it would consider any new heavy-oil pipelines"

Read more:

So what we had was Christy talking tough, but something happened late tonight, a phone call from Ottawa, from Harper, from someone?

Are you kidding me!...BC wants oil companies to "partially fund" oil response teams as a condition for approval!!!

If that is what the 10:00 am Monday presser is about..

Can you say KABOOM

It will blow up in her face.

Is that tough talk Ross? "Partially funding oil response teams"?????

What do we need oil response teams for?...Enbridge claims the best/safest pipe in the world and tankers don`t crash and burn..

Something went down tonight Ross..

You already had it..

Kan Bosenkool, the premier of British Columbia

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark BC Liberals work for Harper, the same as Campbell's BC Liberals did. What is Boessenkool doing running the province anyway? He is one of Harper's henchmen, who lobbies for Enbridge. Well, Christy managed to get both of her feet in her mouth, hence Boessenkool.

We are all familiar with Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, dirty tactics, dirty politics, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, broken promises and cheating to win.

Boessenkool hasn't fooled us one bit. Neither has Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

We could care less, what the BC Liberals and Boessenkools position on the Enbridge pipeline is. The BC citizens and the F.N. haven't changed their minds on the Enbridge pipeline, nor the dirty tar tankers.

Chris said...

And is Alberta's premier in on the game?

Today our premier laid out the "tough" conditions that BC wants met in order for any pipeline to be built here. One was a bigger share of the cash. And that drew a gasp from Alberta's premier...

Which makes me go hmmm. Is this one of those deals where Alberta says "no, never" and then, following the script already written, gives in an inch or maybe two, making our premier look like a tough cookie who stands up for BC, to the applause of reporters and editorialists everywhere?

Seems to me we all have our roles to play, right?

e.a.f. said...

If there are really not going to be oil spills we don't need to have any one pay anything. If there are going to be oils spills why should the taxpayers pay for the clean up of any of it. It should all be paid for by the corporations. of course if there are to be oils spills we shouldn't have the pipelines & tankers. We can not afford to kill our earth, streams, wildlife, etc. You can't eat bitamen & I do so much better on clean water. Drinking oil just cloggs the arteries.

I would suggest c.c went to Alberta to have a meeting to see how much money she could "extort" to let them put the pipeline through B.C. C.C. has an election coming up & no money either in the government coffers or in the lieberal party accounts.

Then of course there is a need for jobs for her & her cabinet once they are tossed out of office. Whatever c.c is up to it is not in the best interest of the citizens of B.C., well maybe a couple at the country club.

kootcoot said...

"Then of course there is a need for jobs"

Clean up could provide full, though distasteful, employment for BCers. Ali the Great says NO EFFING WAY will Alberty share the profits with BC, anymore than with Quebec or PEI, who aren't assuming any risk, but whose residents would have to work "away" to take advantage of the employment opportunities in the North of BeeCee!