Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ledge Finance Fiasco...The Real Devils Are In The Details.



Update: Latenight Tuesday....CBC is reporting that Speaker Barisoff is pulling the chute on full disclosure, including online reporting of MLA expense claims starting in the fall, retroactive to the spring...Nothing yet on gov.bc.ca....although we are supposed to take the fact that we are 'celebrating' a bronze medal by a weightlifter seriously....sheesh

Laila Yule has a great piece up where she goes through AG John Doyle's report on legislative expenses in considerable detail. 

What she has to say pretty much shreds the last remnants of Speaker William Barisoff's original claim about how it is all just a matter of arguments over accounting methods (recall that Finance Minister Falcon did the same thing with the Puffmaster Flash a few days earlier regarding the budget deficit).

There is much to read and sift through over at Laila's. Here is just one bit that I found fascinating because it demonstrates that not only have things not changed in the move from Mr. Campbell to Ms. Clark, but that, at least in term of spending out of the Premier's office, they have actually gotten worse.

Much worse...

...Take a look at the credit card spending for the fiscal year ending 2012….http://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/ocg/pa/11_12/Purchasing_Card.pdf  and indeed you will find, much more…

Much more indulgence,much more alcohol, gifts, jewellery, trips and events,favours, treats, dinners,tickets….. you name it, government is paying for it… and all on the taxpayers dime.

What’s that, you ask? What is the spending like in the still unelected premiers office ? What’s Christy Clark and her inner circle been spending our money on?
(A whole lot of shredding, I noticed.)
1-800- shredding $ 728.00
Mobileshred $1155.69 $151.98( And those are only the obvious shredders…)
However, I think you will be able to tell a lot about the real agenda and values of Christy Clark when you read this:
In total,the Office of the Premier’s credit card expenditures in the fiscal year ending March 31st 2012 were…  are you ready for this?

$475,015.79  !!!

Under Christy Clark, the office of the premier has had more than a 100% increasefrom the dearly departed Campbell, who in 2010/2011… spent a mere $205,139.95 in his last (not even) year in the premiers office....


So, head on over to Laila's an read her entire post - you won't be sorry.

(although you may have to reach for your blood pressure medicine)



Anonymous said...

The only expense that seems to be missing from the Premier's credit card is hookers!

RossK said...


Oh boy.


e.a.f. said...

well we can't be sure about that until we find out why she went to Winnipeg so often. There appears to be more trips to Winnipeg than all other places put together. I don't know what was in Winnipeg but I sure would like to know. I do know its about half way between Ottawa & Vancouver but that still is a lot of trips to Winnipeg. Then there are all those trips to Bishops & Water & wine stores & just to give it the "one of the people" expenses, there are two trips to wal mart. Now I don't know what the not premier needed to spend on government business in Wal-mart but I sure woudl like to know.

So Christie, why all those trips to Winnipeg?