Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Government By Talkshow, v137.3



If you are the mandateless Premier of British Columbia and you find yourself in a very a tight corner of your own making, what do you do?

Why, go for all the media play you can, delivered via watercarriers (see: Cluffmaster Flash, for example) and stenographers (they know who they are, we only named Cluffie here because he's a new non-'NW one), that blames the 'other'.

Or, put another way, just start babbling while simultaneously playing the blame game:

VICTORIA - The proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline will die if Alberta does not negotiate with British Columbia over the sharing of economic benefits, Premier Christy Clark said Tuesday.

"If Alberta doesn't decide they want to sit down and engage, the project stops. It's as simple as that," Clark said in an interview Tuesday.

"So the ball is in Alberta's court today to decide whether or not they want to sit down."...

That new/old Jelly Roll guy.

He sure is a genius who has played the Herd just right.

After all, this really is all about short term poll point bumps designed to swing a little of the big Mo back in Ms. Clark's direction.

Because the long game (ie. real policy that both works and matters) is for suckers.




West End Bob said...

Did you catch the (not)Premier on all the local and even the national tee-vee casts tonight, RossK?

Can't recall ever seeing more non-answers and pseudo-ruffled feathers on so many different channels.

pitiful . . . .

RossK said...

The guy with the Jelly Roll has done his job well, Bob.


Anonymous said...

Christy is just out for the money. For the right price, she will permit this province to become a polluted wasteland....and, to hell with the province and the people.

Christy and her BC Liberals work for Harper...just as Campbell and his Liberals, did before her.

Christy doesn't give a damn about this province and the people, anymore than Harper does.

kootcoot said...

"Christy doesn't give a damn about this province and the people, anymore than Harper does."

Actually I think it is worse than not giving a damn. I think Harper actually doesn't like or detests what we used to consider normal Canadians, they being so inferior to the "real" warriors of liberty, or Americans. Harper probably still cries in the night about the fact he wasn't born south of the 49th (actually in southern Ontario, maybe he was, but you know what I mean).