Thursday, July 12, 2012

Government By Talk Show....Oil Spill Edition.


Ms. Clark apparently has just learned something that anyone who has been paying attention has long known about the Enbridge spill in Kalamazoo.

And she is, apparently, based on her words at least, aghast.

Ian Bailey and Nathan Vanderklippe have the story in today's Globe:

“I think the company should be deeply embarrassed about what unfolded, we saw that in the report (on the spill). If they think they’re going to operate like that in British Columbia – forget it,” the Premier told reporters in Kamloops....

{snippety doo-dah}

....Ms. Clark promised sharper questions for the company. “We need to ask them those questions if they think they want to do business here and I agree with that,” she said. “I think Enbridge has some pretty important questions to answer, because the results of that report are absolutely unacceptable. … That kind of spill that happened in Michigan is not acceptable in British Columbia.”...

But here's the real question.

After the microphone is turned off and the kill button is put away for the day, what will Ms. Clark actually do about it?

The things you do on holidays....Just spent the last half-hour reading an almost 20 year old story to the two E's, Bigger and littler, about a trip to Nevada I once made to watch a baseball game with my 'Editor'....It starts like this: "There are no day games in Vegas. But we decided to make the run across the desert anyway for no good reason at all."....Just might Pod the thing.....And while there are no bats out near Barstow, there are 'fungos in the sand'...



Don F. said...

Oh how I wish I could meet with her to ask even the most rudimentary questions about how that pipeline spill went down and exactly what questions she would ask of enbridge'at this moment' before anyone else can get to her.
I'm sure it would be something along the lines of...Well they spilled oil right and that's not a good thing right?

Anonymous said...

Christy is a day late and a dollar short.

Christy works for Harper, as did Campbell before her. Of course, Christy is in favor of the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers. She had one of Harper's henchmen working for her...Boessenkool works for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge.

Christy has refused to answer, some pretty important questions herself.

RossK said...

Don F--

Which, of course, is exactly what the stenos from the Globe should have done.

(re: the follow-ups they they should have asked and the answers they should have printed, for the record).



And there is the matter of one of Ms. Clark's finest of the fine 'Wizards', the good Mr. Gywn Morgan, whose words, often backed by the 'data' from the thinkiest of think-tank studies, the most obliging folks at the Globe are only too happy to publish.

Thinkiest think-tank-backed words like this.



Grant G said...


Rusty M said...
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Rusty M said...

Here's a question I'd liked answered about the recent mudslide and the pending 'investigation' ...

Christy C claims that there is no provincial liability because there is just no way you can predict a mudslide ... now this makes me wanna ask, if you can't predict a minor geological event such as a mudslide, then how in the hell can you justify collecting billions of tax dollars on the pretense of combating 'global warming' which would be even more difficult to predict even if there was some 'real' scientific evidence to support this theory, which of course there isn't?

RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

I note they have since 'decided' to cut down the Go(u)rd's expenses dramatically.

And they are still astronomical.


There is pretense and there is tense.

And then there is general revenue.

Regardless, that tax was nothing more than a pre-election wedge driven deep into the collective Dipper heart by the not so politically astute enviro-dupes who actually bamboozled themselves into believing it was going to be used to decrease the amount of junk we throw into the air every second of every day.

Personally, I think the immediate institution of a blanket 'anti-driving conspiracy' would be better for everyone.


Rusty M said...

Speaking of driving ...

Its time gas rationing was implemented in this city, gotta get these stinkin' cars off the road, they're clogging us cyclists' roads.