Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Escape Hatch.


The escape hatch has 'suddenly' been opened for Christy Clark by none other than that old Fed Lib, Mr. David Anderson:

...Joining those speaking out (against the Northern Gateway Pipeline) was former federal environment minister David Anderson, who ripped into Enbridge as “perhaps the last company in North America” that should be permitted to construct an oil pipeline across the province.
He accused the Calgary-based company of having a “cowboy culture” that is indifferent to safety and “quite inappropriate for building a pipeline in one of the most sensitive parts of the world.”
Mr. Anderson referred to a litany of oil spills from Enbridge-operated pipelines, including a large rupture in Michigan that prompted U.S. regulators to brand the company’s initial response to the mishap as one akin to “the Keystone Kops.”
“Enbridge should simply withdraw its application and disappear,” said Mr. Anderson, who spent five years as minister of the environment in the Liberal government of Jean Chr├ętien. “There is nothing to indicate the company has changed its corporate culture of carelessness, with respect to worker safety and environmental protection.”
Mr. Anderson, a long-time opponent of oil tanker traffic through B.C. coastal waters, scorned Enbridge’s commitment to spend an extra $500-million to further lessen the project’s risk, including thicker pipe. “You don’t change a corporate culture by spending more on steel,” he said...

But here's the thing.

Who, we can only wonder, might have built that hatch?


How about we revisit Nancy MacDonald's breathy puff-piece in the wake of Mr. Clark's by-election win last spring:

...After university, Clark jumped into campaign battles, first for the B.C. Liberal Party, which was then rebounding under Gordon Wilson, then in ’93 for the federal party. In Ottawa, she joined her future husband Mark Marissen, who would later become a key organizer for Paul Martin and St├ęphane Dion. On the Hill, they were seen as “young Turks,” friends say, growing their political skills and networks. Marissen was an executive assistant to revenue minister David Anderson, and Clark was transport minister Doug Young’s western desk. But in ’96, during Glen Clark’s NDP reign, Clark, then 30, came home to run (for Gordon NOT Wilson)...


Now that Jelly Roll et al., have framed the thing so that Ms. Clark 'can't lose' given the chicken-hearted, long distance 'feistiness' factor (ie. if pipeline gets built she 'wins'!) and the heavy-hatch lifting by political surrogates, no matter how elderly (ie. if it's just too dangerous to build, she 'wins'!), is The Snook gonna be able to make like Charlie Sheen and rise-up, reborn, in the eyes of the media?


Thing is, so far the sucker-punched Lotuslandian punditry have not yet bitten*.

And if they don't bite by Thursday, I'd be willing to take pretty short odds to bet that you will suddenly see Ms. Clark dump this issue and move on to the next big thing.

Something way more pressing like, say, handing out rainbow-coloured oreo cookies just in time for the Three Weeks of Pride.

Or some such thing.

*Except, according to Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, for Mr. Norman Spector.



kootcoot said...

"is The Snook gonna be able to make like Charlie Sheen and rise-up, reborn,"

Kinda insulting to Charlie Sheen, don't you think? I'd really rather he was premier of BeeCee than the Clueless Snook..........

karen said...

I don't know. If the pipeline somehow gets an approval, there will still be the civil disobedience to reckon with. I don't think that will be negligible by any means.

Also I think that by the time it gets to that, her watch will be over anyway.

Anonymous said...

What a sham scam. Christy Clark and her BC Liberals, work for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Christy has Boessenkool, another of Harper's boys working for her. Boessenkool works directly for Harper, and lobbies for Enbridge. Christy supports Enbridge, money or no money.

The BC media take their orders, from the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. As some journalists say, we have family's to support. They altar their columns or else.

It is really surprising in BC, what some are willing to sell their souls for. Right from the top of the food chain, right to the bottom, lies, deceit, thefts and corruption reigns, in our beloved province of BC.