Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why The Internet Was Invented, Reason #1,748,234,387,285,642


...So that I can explain to Mr. Beer 'N Hockey (and maybe West End Bob, too) exactly how former DBT bassist Shonna Tucker makes her new strings real 'nasty funk, y'all!'

And, for those wondering, 'Where's Shonna?'...Apparently she's working on a new album and playing with pedal steel guy John Neff....And here's  a recent posting of her fiddling a little with a six string doing a Spooner Oldham tune on the YouTubes not long ago.



West End Bob said...

You are too clever, RossK! Thanks for the Shonna info.

That is one special way to get those strings lubricated, ain't it?!? Maybe you and E should try it!

Now - speakin' of cookin' - back to the inter-tubes page I was perusin' 'bout Greek yogurt . . . .

kootcoot said...

Ross, if you want to see and hear some wild bass playing check out Vic Wooten who among other things plays with banjo magician Bela Fleck. His brother on the drumtar is quite interesting as well. (the drumtar or maybe drumitar is something he invented that hangs like an electric guitar but serves as a drum kit/rhythm section)

Edstock said...

That's why I use metal flat-wounds on my bass, with an EMG Precision-Jazz set-up with an EMG bass-booster circuit and twin 9-v batteries. Round-wounds are so brutal to the frets and fretboard, like a collision body-shop file.