Tuesday, July 03, 2012

We've Got Solid State Technology...


....And we're on the road.


First night, because it's a tradition, especially for littler e., it was the Motel 6 in Kelso Washington.

The old, tired but fun mini-Adventureland put-put golf course where she lay down and pooped on the thirteenth green when she was barely a toddler is gone now, replaced by a combination Starbucks and Jack-In-The-Box without the box.

But the little motel pool that she loves is still there, so it was worth it, I guess.

It's just that the rooms are still the same size and the four of us are all so much bigger.


Yesterday the most fun is in Myrtle Creek Oregon.

You have to go pretty far off the I-5 to get into the heart of it where there is actually a bookstore and a Dairy Queen that actually has local charm.

But the best part is the bandstand with acoustics to die-for.

Bigger E and I stomped for quite awhile there while C. and little e. indulged us. Best, at least for me was the coupling of Bloody Mother F*ing and Astral Weeks....Betcha didn't think those too don't go together, huh?

(they say 'huh' down here, not 'eh....and don't make the mistake of asking where the washroom is rather than the restroom...)


Today we're in Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival...

Pictures and, maybe, film to follow.

But not necessarily at 11.



Anonymous said...

I envy you being Ashland for their Shakespear festival, what a beautiful little town, we had the good fortune (other than getting the car fixed) to break down there on one of our trips south nice people, beautiful parks, nicest time for a 2 day repair on our travels love your blog

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

Our only big breakdown on our many southward travels was in Redding.

Which is nice enough.

But it is no Ashland.

Was R&J last night, indoors. Didn't think littler e. would want to sit through HenryV just so we could be outside.


Kevin Wood said...

Hey, if you get to Hoquiam, Wash. you MUST say hello to these wonderful folks for me at Jackson Street Books on 7th

RossK said...

Will do rev.

Klamath Falls last night.

College league summer baseball in afternoon (nice old wooden ballpark at Kiger Stadium)...crazy wild melange of small town fireworks/lakeside vendors/cover band rockout madness at night.

Going through Central Valley today...will be hot.


lenin's ghost said...

Have a great time, Ross

.....btw, the sun came for a visit here in east van........and smiling as I get ready for skafest in victoria next week......best fest around for out fart like me.......chatting with the young 'uns about the old times when the clash and the english beat were my lifeblood!!!!!

RossK said...

Have fun lg.

Haight today...Not what it used to be...Fast becoming 4th Ave...The maternity shops cannot be far behind.