Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When The Levee Breaks...Christy, You Got To Move


Have you too been wondering why members of the Lotuslandian ProMedia are suddenly going after our current Premier when they wouldn't touch her predecessor?

This is a question Bigger E. kinda/sorta asked me the other day while we were hurtling north, in the car, somewhere between Crescent City and Coos Bay on the way to NASCAR-In-The-Sands (i.e. the Oregon Dunes).

It is also something Charlie Smith mused about recently in the GStraight:

...As someone who has paid attention to media coverage of Clark, I have detected a double standard in how she is treated in the mainstream media in comparison to her predecessor, Gordon Campbell.

Campbell was consistently given the benefit of the doubt by CKNW broadcasters and Palmer, whereas Clark rarely receives a break.

Clark herself happened to be one of the broadcasters who consistently boosted Campbell's political career. Now, she is probably taken aback that her former friends aren't doing the same for her.

No matter who she appoints as her press secretary, this situation isn't improving...

Now, I'm pretty sure there are myriad hard-pol, message-massage, blow-by-blowbackian reasons for this, not least of which is the 'fear factor'.

Or, to be more precise, the lack of fear of being whacked-up the side of the head, repeatedly, by an iron fist wrapped in think-tag rags that used to scare the bejeebus out of the puffed-up proMedia punditry who always fell back on their ability to masterfully play the rope-a-dope game when they were worried that the surrogates of a powerful leader would be around long enough to hand the insider-access breakfast of champions to the guy down the hall if they were brave and/or stupid enough to try and lay a real glove on the mug of the boss.

But, in addition to all that, there just may be another factor at work here that neither the pols nor the pundits can control.

A factor that has grown in importance between, say, 2009 and now.

And that is the blogs.



I know there has been a lot of gnashing of teeth about how the rope-a-dopers with the ink smeared across their gloves like to make fun of the amateur bloggers 'round here.

Heckfire, remember when they called us 'cultists' for recognizing RailGate for what it really was way back when the entire thing was supposed to be irrelevant (ie. when the trial was still on before the really, really big bribe went down that shut everybody up, pronto)?

And then there is that nagging feeling that the amateurs and independents are always ignored, even when they dig up up evidence that actually matters.

This was once described to me by someone in the know as the 'How dare they!' factor.

And, truth be told, that nagging feeling was something I myself started to succumb to a few weeks ago before we went on holidays.

But now we're back.

And, personally, I'm tanned, rested, and ready to have another go.


What turned me around (besides a good rest, a different small town newspaper everyday and a whole lot of guitar playing) you may (or may not) be asking yourself?

Well, it wasn't the fact that Alex Tsakumis had the Beans 'N Jeans BS nailed to the wall before the proMedia backlash began (although that did help a little).

Instead, what really changed things is a development from a south of the border that started way down in the lowest of the lowly amateur ranks, moved up to the middle-rungs of proMedia commentating, and is now starting to ruffle the skirts of the Grey Lady herself.

The amateur who started it all is a guy named Driftglass who has been shining a small, bright light on the top journalistic quislings of the resurrected Guilded Age for quite awhile now.

By writing stuff like this:

...Some days it is so clear that American political journalism is almost entirely driven by a secret wager made between David Brooks and Tom Friedman over who can write the column that most closely approximates standing on a pile of money throwing poo at passers-by while laughing at them and not get fired by the "New York Times"...

And now, given that quislings like Bobo and the Moustache, and those who want to be just like them, have been proven wrong over and over and over again for at least 22 straight Friedman units, the middle-rungers have started to notice.

One of which is Esquire's Charles Pierce, who wrote this last week:

...The primary job of an elite political reporter — Joe Klein of Time, say, or David Brooks of The New York Times — is to entertain and to comfort the real owners of the country and its politics, to assure them from time to time that they are really doing the right thing in their stewardship of what was supposed to be a fractious, unruly self-governing republic. It is the elite political reporter's job, upon request, to sing to the real owners of the country a pleasant tune in a charming soprano voice. In return, they become very important players in the increasingly worthless puppet show that the real owners of the country are making out of the politics of the country.

Except that, occasionally, the bill for all the dinners, and conferences, and Aspen Ideas Festivals comes due again, and they have to sing for their supper, and to anyone looking from outside the closed system of their own artificial eminence, they look and sound toweringly ridiculous — buffoonish castrati, singing for their suppers....


Actually, E really asked me about the derisive descriptors I have used when writing of a number of Ms. Clark's more Pat Burnsian attempts to govern by Talkshow....It was a question that got me to thinking a little, which primed me for Mr. Smith's piece...
There is another way to think about this, I reckon, which is....If  Gordon Campbell flew in today (and Mr. Smith were to publish this tomorrow) would they send a limousine anyway?
Re: the header to this one....You can of course go with Zeppelin, or some reasonable facsimile thereof, but me I like this one even more...



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, fabulous connections!

the salamander said...

T'was a darned good rant.. and I like seeing Driftglass mentioned.. and Charles Pierce deserved the pickup.. well done. And, it is surely true that the bloggers n tweeters change everything.. and you don't need to buy a paper.

I'm watchin the various political fandangos from Ontario and wondering when the black swans will fly and take down the Harper cabal. I came across this link and its stunning photojournalism..

My first thought was why didn't this happen in Ottawa.. with Harper and his loutpack carried out of Parliament and dumped unceremoniously on the street. Certainly the images also suggest what might happen in The Great Bear Rain Forest, or in the tar sands.

kootcoot said...

Thank you for reminding me of Pat Burns, because if I remember correctly (IIRC) he really sucked and was no Jack Webster nor even a Rafe Mair - and on the other side not even the equal in depravity to Rush Limpballs.

West End Bob said...

Great post, RossK. Anything that points out the shortfalls and poor "journalism" that david brooks and tom friedman represent is OK with me! It never ceases to amaze me how those guys - and others like them - continue to have a following. Their credibility sucks, yet people read and listen to their drivel. Go figure.

Note to kootkoot: Your reference to the EIB exec from Florida as Rush Limpballs is priceless! Gotta pass that one around ;-) . . . .

RossK said...


You're most welcome....And, yes, connections-R-us.


'Loutpack' is a most excellent word...Sounds exactly like what it is...Thanks for the link!


Mr. Burns was what he was which, truth be told, I didn't really mind, for at least three reasons....

First, my Mom kinda liked him IIRC (ha!).

Second, I was too young to really know what the heckfire he was actually talking about, especially when my Dad started yelling at the radio the way he still does when perpetual fill-in for everybody (except, perhaps, Jack Cullen) Terry Moore/Boor comes on CFAX occasionaly to hawk cemetery plots for chihuahuas, or some such thing.

Third, he never pretended he was fit be the Premier and/or Jim Nielsen for that matter.



I wonder...Is the Tucker Carlson/Crossfire 'moment' coming for Bobo, Friedman and Joke Klein too?


West End Bob said...

Thanks for the 'moment' link, RossK - It's been awhile since I've seen that classic and memorable piece!

One can only hope those that are passing for journalists today have their moment soon . . . .