Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Comin' Down...


Mr. Beer 'N Hockey likes to go to the races.

For all kinds of reasons, including the fact that he likes to win money.

But sometimes he learns things too.

All kinds of things.

Including stuff that is so bizarre that it sounds like it was cooked up by Murray Pezim and Charles Bukowski in a basement bar in Burundi.....


You, Dear Reader  (especially if you have a hangover as you are reading this), probably think I'm joking, right?


At the races last night. The night crowd is something else. You would think they were drinking free beer or something.

I do not read the programme so I was surprised when the track announcer informed us one of the races was sponsored by Bralorne Gold Mines. Bralorne are a penny stock company redeveloping the once bountiful Bralorne properties up around Gold Bridge. At one time the stock traded for dollars and cents. Now it trades in cents.

What the f*ck were the motherf*ckers from Bralorne doing at the races? I reached for my phone and found out. At the end of May one Patrick Kinsella, noted horse owner and somewhat shadowy political fixer, was appointed to their board.

To invest or not to invest. That is the question. So far it does not look like the man behind our fishy Premier has helped attract many investors to the golden hook of what once was, and may again become for all I know, a splendid mine....

My advice to Beer....

(Unless, of course, somebody like, say, NVG digs up something about how defunct gold mines are now in line for massive provincial sluice gate remodelling subsidies that will make longterm personal services contracts with former public Railways look like peanuts...Or some such crazy, mixed-up thing)


Photo at the top of the post was taken by the image-based chronicler of all things and, especially, people that make up Vancouver, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward...You can read his post about Mr. Pezim, and the many photos he too of The Pez, here....Which reminds me...Beer...Was there any sign of an aging body builder with a thick Polish accent hanging 'round the track the other night?...If so, that just might be the real high sign... 



North Van's Grumps said...

Did a google search for "patrick kinsella" director and struck gold twice. No sense having this info squirreled away, out of sight, out of mind.

Mr. Kinsella is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Progressive Group, a private communication company based in Vancouver, Canada, where Mr. Kinsella specializes in providing public affairs consulting services to companies in the resource, manufacturing and service industries. Mr. Kinsella is one of Canada's leading political strategists and has worked for the Premiers of Ontario and British Columbia is (sic) several roles, including Deputy Minister, Principal Secretary, and Chief of Staff. He started his own company in 1984 and has continued his role as a senior advisor to government leaders throughout Canada. Previously, Mr. Kinsella was the former Chairman of MarkTrend Research Inc., Western Canada's leading marketing research company, and was well-known for his polling and research expertise. Mr. Kinsella also directed several election campaigns throughout Canada.

Anonymous said...

Isn't P. Kinsella behind the BC Liberal's blind rush to private power.

The hasty sale of liquor distribution and consequent loss of BC jobs to Deutsche Post is also Kinsella's work isn't it.