Thursday, May 19, 2005

Galloway Spares No One


After he's finished with his flaying of the Congress Critters, perhaps we should invite George Galloway up to Canada so that he can have a go at Messrs. Steyn and Harper as well.

Even better, maybe David Frum can be bamboozled into interviewing Galloway by producer Idella Sturino during one of his voice-modulated guest host gigs on the CBC Radio's 'The Current'.


Because this is the kind of thing that would happen to every last one of them.

" Before the (Senate Committee) hearing began, the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow (Galloway) even had some scorn left over to bestow generously upon the pro-war writer Christopher Hitchens. "You're a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay," Mr Galloway in formed him. "Your hands are shaking. You badly need another drink," he added later, ignoring Mr Hitchens's questions and staring intently ahead. "And you're a drink-soaked ..."

Eventually Mr Hitchens gave up. "You're a real thug, aren't you?" he hissed, stalking away.

Now some may say that this type of thing is too much, too over the top, too uncivil.

But we have to realize what we are really fighting for here.

It is not just Left vs Right.

It is not just New Labour vs. Old Labour

It is not just the CRAP vs. the NDP

It is not just Republican vs Democrat


This is a cage match, for all the marbles, between Corporate Fascism and Liberal Democracy.

Thus, there is no room in the ring for the rhetorically squeamish.

Original Link Source: The Liberal Avenger.


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