Thursday, May 05, 2005

Jumpin' Jack Max Factor


We were happy to read that Rob Cottingham liked our reference to the hot air-based aerosolization of the Premier's heavy make-up Tuesday night.

So much so, in fact, that Rob now places us firmly on the waygone lefty side of the partisan ledger.

Which is is fine by me.

Except that, now that they are a club that won't have us, I've developed this vague hankering to join James Bow and Company in the Non-Partisan Bloggers Alliance.

Regardless, we sure are glad that our favorite (sorry Bob B., you're 1A, OK?) Green blogger, Andrea Reimer, pulled our fat from the proverbial Max Factor Firestorm with her tale of unexpectedly running into a fully primped Mr. Campbell deep within the bowels of CBC Vancouver's Bunker just before the start of last night's debate:

"The only way one could actually come into contact with anyone they weren’t supposed to was if they got lost going to the can. Which is exactly how I ended running into Premier Campbell seconds before he was due on stage. I was so taken aback by his blush in person (it was greatly diminished on TV) that I scarcely knew what to say. It’s hard enough to point it out to a close girl friend, let alone Mr. Premier. I won’t even get into the eyeliner problem…"


I'd missed that the first time around.

But now that I think about it, perhaps we should not be surprised.

After all, there was a time, back in the days of softness and light (ie. before the humiliation of 1996 led to the permanent courting of the Redmeat Brigade), when Martyn Brown and the Gang happily trotted out a flannel shirt-wearing, guitar carrying candidate.

Except they now know that the Grunge look is all wrong for El Gordo because, after Tuesday night, it is clear that Glam Rock is the ticket for him.

So, given the fact that Bruce Springsteen has forced the LINO's* to pull 'Glory Days' from their campaign rallies, perhaps it is time for Gary Collins to put down the hatchet for a day or two so that he can swing into his legendary negotiation mode in an effort to make a deal for use 'Jet Boy' by David Johansen and the New York Dolls.

If nothing else, such a strategy just might give Lorne Mayencourt a snowball's chance in Hades of retaining Vancouver-Burrard.

*LINO: Liberals In Name Only


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