Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Homegrown Curveball-O-Rama


Let's say your name was Karl Rove.

And let's say you knew a Scottish Madman with truth on his side and hate in his heart was coming to your shore to call your paymasters war criminals and worse over and over again on National TV.

And even worse, let's say you had this Downing Street Memo thing (sans kerning) hanging over your head like a ten thousand ton craphammer.

What might you use as a multiple Newscycle Innoculation for the Nation?

Two words.

Michael Isikoff.

Naw.......not even the Rovians could be that be that brazen.

Could they?

After all, it's not like Isikoff hasn't carried water for the Re-Pugs before.

Scary But Almost Maybe True Update: Looks like the poles really are converging, at least in an upside-down inside-out non-linear unparallelled-trapezoidal alternative universe sort of way, because one of Ann Coulter's latest hate-filled rants kinda/sorta supports what we are suggesting. Specifically, she is saying that it was only this time that Isikoff was able to get his 'scoop' directly into a major news organ while it was apparently 'impossible' when he was peddling his anti-Clintonian smears.


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