Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gordon Campbell Cuts Taxes....Buys Palin Glasses


And as for the oodles of other grievous goodies* that will, apparently, be discussed when, gasp!, Mr. Campbell re-opens the padlocked legislature for five about minutes in late November?

Will they be chock-a-block full of earmarks and/or a bridge-to-nowhere rammed through by closure (again)?

Why, apparently they will.

Otherwise, how else to explain the following:


So now we're going to cut taxes and accelerate spending just when things are going south and folks are strapped with made-for-good-times User-Fees up the ying-yang.

Which begs one last Fraser-Institutes'RUs - type question.....

Is 'Brownie' now working for British Columbia's Premier?

Because, clearly, somebody is sure doin' a heckuva job.


*Case in point, the proposed fare reduction at BC Ferries for (Get This!) December and January only.....Ooooooohhhhhh, thanks so much Mr. Campbell for your little Christmas present that means nothing at all given the last five years of German-built Ferry-assisted price-gouging .....I'll be sure to remember that in February when Mr. Hahn's starts ripping out huge chunks of my epidermis once more. Interestingly, on the 11pm Wednesday night notsoGiant98 newscast they were already reporting it as a 'cut in ferry fares' (there's that 'mediocre media' again that some folks were jumping on me about earlier in the week); and how about the following weasel words direct from the GordotronicNewsNetwork PressRelease....."on top of the upcoming 50 per cent reduction in the fuel surcharge on ferry fees" Sheesh!
And just in case you were wondering, apparently just like Ms. Palin, Mr. Campbell sometimes likes to go hog-wild with the make-up also.


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