Friday, October 24, 2008

Whistler Revisited: Have No Fear, The Content Consultant Is Here!


Ooooh, baby!

A whole lotta 'Doob-in-Halfpipers' sure are relieved today.

And that relief has absolutely nothing to do with the last minute deal that Fortress Investments made with its creditors to refinance the crap.....errrrrrr.....'debt' that was used to buy Intrawest/Whistler.


What's really important for all those boarder, skiier, five-ringed (and real estate) types is the news that everybody's favorite content consultant and non-lobbyist lobbyist, Mr. Kenneth Dobell, will soon arrive to save the day.

It's just one more story that Sean Holman, with an assist from Jennifer Miller, broke this week on his website, Public Eye:

Premier's Gordon Campbell former deputy minister and special advisor Ken Dobell continues to remain active in his retirement. According to The Whistler Question's Jennifer Miller, Mr. Dobell - lobbying firm Hill and Knowlton Canada Ltd.'s British Columbia chair - has been named to a volunteer steering committee that will be updating Whistler's long term financial plan......

nd yes, just in case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, you read that right. The Content Consulterer is, indeed, going to be helping update Whisler's long term FINANCIAL plan.

Which is kind of surprising, given that Mr. Dobell was recently the Head Consulterer who ran the Vancouver Convention Center hundreds of millions of dollars into the red and, for once, actually had one of his many different hats handed to him for doing so.

But that is not the end of it.

Because it never is when you are a Consulterer who likes to change hats.

Case in point, Mr. Dobell, who was once the manager of the City of Vancouver, starting way back in the day when former developer Gordon Campbell was the mayor, is still a Board Member of VANOC whose Athlete's Village/KingCondoland Extravaganza is being built by Millenium Developments which, just like Intrawest/Whistler, is also being financed by..........

You guessed it - Fortress Investments.

Anyone noticing a pattern here?

Just askin'?


Oh, and for those that still remember the good ol' days of HST Fridays, Intrawest, or at least a former Whistler pol who went to work for them, was once a tangential theme to one our more snarkoleptic posts titled 'Fat City'.


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