Friday, October 31, 2008

What Is The Real Reason That Mr. Lunn Was Demoted To Minister Of Hockey Rinks?



Was it the phantom passel of third party advertisements plastered all over the Timmy's next to the Langevin Block extolling the virtues of Mr. Lunn's plans for energy self-sufficiency for Exxon that have absolutely nothing but everything to do with the demise of the offshore tanker moratorium?

Was it the unlogged and unaccounted for middle-of-the-night Robocalls to Gorffwysfa pretending to be Ben's coach changing the time of practice from 8:00 to 5:30am that were inexplicitly linked to Joe Who's caller ID?

Or was it the wanton Warroom warnings about Warren's future use of YouTube videos of nuclear plants waving over the Witaskawin horizon?


According to Ms. O'Malley, by way of the always excellent Mr. Akin (who has been, apparently, making up for lost questions in the wake of the Campaign Trail's Famous-8 Question Clampdown), it may very well have been something quite different:

1:16:51 PM (at the PM's Oct 30th Presser)
David Akin challenges the PM over BC’s representation in cabinet, and asks him to “square the circle’ as far as appointing a rookie - Raitt - to Natural Resources; and demoting BC’s Gary Lunn to a minister of state gig. Not surprisingly, Harper doesn’t see it that way; he claims that the total number of BC ministers remains unchanged - is that right? - and praises Raitt for her qualifications as a businesswoman who “won a tough electoral battle”. So basically, if you beat a Garth Turner, you’re almost guaranteed a cabinet post. Keep that in mind for the future, y’all.


Garth Turner's demise precipititated the whackin' of Mr. Lunn?

Ya, sure.

And if a butterfly flaps its wings in Juneau in February........?


That's not possible.

Is it?


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