Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mr. Lunn's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


And, no, we're not talking about Mr. Lunn's demotion to Minister of Hockey Rinks, a story that was given some play in today's Victoria Times Colonist:

Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Gary Lunn has been replaced as natural resources minister in today's federal cabinet shuffle, moving to a junior cabinet position as minister of state for sport.

Instead, we're talking about a different piece in today's Times-Colonist by Paul Willcocks that shines a spotlight on questionable, and so far pretty much uninvestigated, goings on that took place during the Saanich and the Isles election campaign:

Some odd -- even worrying -- things happened in the Saanich-Gulf Island's riding successfully held by Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn.

One election dirty trick involved phone fraud and seemed both unethical and illegal. The RCMP response, which suggested election fraud allegations just aren't a priority, was disturbing.

And while there is no evidence of wrongdoing, it appears third-party advertisers played a disproportionate role in the riding.

And that's just the lede.

It's a good piece that asks some tough questions that are based largely on the investigative work of Andrew Macleod in the Tyee who is given full attribution by Mr. Willcocks.


What I'm really wondering is why?

Why did Little Stephen decide to demote one of his first term's Miracles?

Could it be that he has answers to some of the questions raised by Messrs Macleod and Willcocks and doesn't like what they tell him?

Or did he just decide that have a Minister who wants to bring nuclear power to the tarsands is just a little too far 'out there' when the real task at hand is getting rid of that goldarned coastal drill-baby-drill oil-filled tanker traffic moratorium?

And if things don't work out for him driving all those Zambonis, Mr. Lunn could always try Australia.


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