Friday, October 03, 2008

Is The ROC Less Serious About Political Discourse Than Quebec?


My question is not WHO won, but rather WHICH won.

As in which debate?

Because, after a pretty good show over in French on Mecredi, I thought the English debate on Thursday was pretty darned juvenile in comparison.

Puerile even.

I mean, take those questions from 'average' citizens......Please!

Really, just take 'em away......

Right now.

The Shed Guy? Give me a break???!!! (sorry Shed Guy - not you, specifically, but the way you and your question were Mark Leiren-Young over at the Tyee's live blog thread said, 'it was like one of those scenes in Law and Order where the witnesses are too busy to stop and talk to the cops'). And as for the young woman who doesn't want to vote? Well, I was waiting for somebody to holler at her to grow-up! (and actually, I kind of gained about half a nanogram of respect for Mr. Harper* when he kind of almost/sorta not quite suggest it).

Not to mention the ridiculous open-ended nature of said 'average Joe and Jose' questions.

And if the moderator, whose 'Are the Conservatives Barbarians?' thing was just pure stupid, had mentioned Palin/Biden one more time, I probably would have gouged my ears out.

Me, while I don't like pepper on my plate so much, I was ready to vote for Duceppe because he was the only consistently serious person there.

And where the heckfire was the 'De-Regulation of Everything' issue?.....Huh?.....I just don't get that absence, because it is reckless ideology fused with bad policy that is a concrete example of real, demonstrable damage caused by 2.754 years of a 'minority' Harper government, rather than all this ridiculous quibbling about whether or not the 'Arts' are good, gooder, or really more gooder (which, apparently, is when your kid takes piano lessons and/or likes to go to dance class)......Sheesh!

*Which is nothing, really, compared to the 3,742 metric tons of disrespect that I have for him and his policies.

And as for M. Dion
and his total ineffectuality........One can only wonder if Lotusland's own, Mr. Marissen will soon have a lot to answer for over at the (notso)Big(anymore) Red Machine's Central Command Module (if it doesn't self-destruct first)......


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