Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Fly Has Legs.....Sticking Out Of Its Head!


So last night, just before bed, I sat down and wrote a snark-o-leptic ode to 'The Empress of the Stoopid', Sarah Palin, based on her comments about the evils of spending public money on ridiculously wasteful and elitist things like 'Fruit Fly research'*

And despite the fact that it had some facts in it (the post I mean), it was really little more than one of those 'letting go rants' that I just felt compelled to write while sitting hunched over my desk in the subterranean blues room (ie. the basement) late on a cold, dark autumnal Friday night.

Now, this being the little F-troop list blog that it is, and this now being a Saturday morning and all, I figured that maybe, if I was lucky, a hundred people might read the post over the entire weekend.


Imagine my surprise when I woke-up this morning to find that people were reading the thing at the rate of over 100.

One hundred per hour that is.

Which kind of made me go hmmmmmmmmmm......

Until I dug into the sitemeter and found this.

Later, somebody wrote off-line to tell me the thing got Farked, whatever the heckfire that actually is.

All of which got me wondering if maybe, just maybe, there are at least a few folks in the States that really do loath the possibility that they may soon be ruled by mutants whose antennae are actually legs (which is the fly mutant, sans make-up and/or Gucci shoes, at the top right).

Which would make them, the mutants I mean, really, really, really stupider than stoopid, indeed.


*The original post has since been updated, which is why it now sits above this one and has a Monday Oct 27/08 time stamp.


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