Thursday, October 02, 2008

StealthCon LXXXVIII......There Can Be No Denying It Now


This Just In........As Bob tells us, LXXXVIII did show up for a Surrey North All Candidates' this morning on Global......Does This mean that Steve Darling is considered to be more of 'friendly' than the Cluffmaster Flash?.....


Well, when it was Bubble Boy and his Horseman who threw the Cone of Silence over her head and whisked her off to the Bunker, we were willing to give Dona Cadman a bit of a break.

But now there can be no doubt......she's been ducking interviews, both with National and some local media, but the last straw was yesterday morning when she refused to show up to an All-Candidate's debate moderated by Lotusland's biggest softball tosser Mr. Rick Cluff of CBC Radio One.

And for that, Ms. Cadman is now officially one of the StealthCon who walks among us.

Cathie has all the latest news on the abysmmal annals of the ThirdWave of StealthConnitude.

And we await Mr. Beer'NHockey's take on this one assuming, of course, that he can tear himself away from the Five and Sadahraru Oh pre-season Canuckleheads.

*Again, a StealthCon is a Harpertronic conservative candidate who ducks the media and especially the public. Their most egregious acts of stealthitude occur when they subvert democracy completely by refusing to show up at all candidates meetings where the voters, instead of watching ads on the TeeVee actually head out the door in an effort to find out, via their own eyes and ears, what they will (or will not) be voting for. We first became actutely aware of the StealthCons that walk among us during the invisible Mar 2008 by-election candidacy of Deborah Meredith in Vancouver Quadra. And here's the thing......Ms Meredith almost won. Thus, despite the jocular, snarkoleptic tone of these posts, this is no laughing matter.


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