Sunday, July 10, 2011

50% Of PublicEye Panel Polled Say Christy Clark Is Doomed...


....If she doesn't go to the polls, for real, this fall.

Pod will show up here, soon.
'Twas actually more like 62.5%, as a third member of panel out of four kinda/sorta went half way there.


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Anonymous said...

I have noticed, no matter where I go. Grocery shopping, doctors office, everyone hates the HST.

For the second summer in a row, my family have canceled their visit, because of the HST and the outrageous gas prices. The HST is killing this province and the people. Harper wanted the HST, to give to big business.

There has been no trickle down of money, from big businesses savings, to the consumers. BC is the only western province, that didn't gain jobs. BC lost jobs, because of the HST. There are many, who have given up looking for work.

Kids with large student loans, have no job prospects, in their fields. They are waiting tables and slinging beer. The HST is just a scam and a big lie.