Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Diarist, Issue #3


It would appear that my job as an impresario, which started with this, is now done.


Because my oldest kid, who now busks for real, on her own, at a not-so secret island location watched the first $20 bill, ever, float down into her hat yesterday.

Imagine that!



Don F. said...

you must be proud Ross!
A very productive and enjoyable way to bond. I busked many years ago, about thirty to be exact when there was no such silliness as permits.
Fond memories, the most fond being an elderly lady offering her late husband's pocket watch to hear his favorite song.
Never saw anything close to a twenty dollar bill though, she must really be appreciated.
The gift of playing music is one of the greatest gifts we can receive,Enjoy!

RossK said...

Thanks Don.

I am very proud. More importantly, she is really good.

I agree about the gift too.

Hey - Do you remember the husband's favourite song?


Don F. said...

Hey Ross,
Yes it was a very popular song of the time for some.
It was called "Mansion on the Hill"
Nitty gritty did a version of it I believe.
The first verse as I recall was:
"tonight down here in the valley
I'm lonesome and Oh how i feel,
As I sit here alone in my cabin
I can see your Mansion on the hill.....

She cried while I sang I remember, lovely lady.

RossK said...

Hammerin' Hank!

I do Springsteen's 'Mansion', which isn't all that different structurally, but is different thematically, as a lullabye for youngest.

Was thinking of putting it on the album for my Dad.