Monday, July 18, 2011

A Song For Ken



Update: Will be song for Mom too....Promise!

One of my favourite musical DIY stories of all time is Sarah Harmer's album 'Songs For Clem'.

Which was a bunch of stuff she originally recorded just for her Dad.

I've been working on something similar for my Dad this summer.

Which as been fun.

Both making the music and, perhaps even more so, mining some of the material from our collective past.

A past that includes a Woody Guthrie song called '1913 Massacre'......

The thing is, though, I didn't learn Woody's version when I was a kid.

Instead, because my Dad bought the Hobo record, I learned Arlo's.

And it wasn't until way later that I learned of Dylan's straight-up rip-off/tribute to Arlo's Dad.

So now I'm working on a fusion for my Dad that works Kerouac into the mix as well.

Because I figure that Dylan, who's about the same age as my Dad, never would have gotten from Woody to Rimbaud without Ti Jean's long and winding spontaneous prose road.


Update: OK, Mom....Sorry!... Will add an Elvis cover too...'Suspicious Minds' OK?...Just to be clear, however, won't do 'In The Ghetto' for love nor money, matriarchal or otherwise.



ron wilton said...

I am surprised you didn't tuck ramblin' Jack Elliot in there between Woody, Arlo and Bob.

RossK said...

Good point Ron.

I'll get to work on that.


RossK said...

....And maybe Leadbelly too?