Monday, July 25, 2011

Did Seaspan Just Cash In Its Hats?


As we predicted some time ago that it would, the other four billion penny-filled boot just dropped to help subsidize....errrr....facilitate Seaspan's bid to get a shank of Steve-O's shipbuilding pork:

"The B.C. government is promising a $40 million investment in training and tax credits if Vancouver-based Seaspan wins one of two federal shipbuilding contracts, Pat Bell, the minister of jobs, tourism and innovation, announced on Monday.

"As promised, our government is helping Seaspan submit the strongest possible bid and this investment focuses on job creation," said Bell.....

Meanwhile, Laila asks where it is, exactly, that those pennies are coming from (i.e. hospitals? schools?).

One thing is certain....

None of it is coming from that sixty billion penny filled set of devil's horns where the old white marshmallow used to be.




Gary E said...

I don't know why Clark is doing this. She should have enough political savvy to know that the bidding was extended so Davies could enter a bid from Quebec and that Harper is going to make sure they get it so he can score political points.

RossK said...


Important to realize that Ms. Clark has never met a phot-op she didn't like.

(to put it mildly)

In addition, do not underestimate the ability of the Hat Man to have brokered a partial sop of a deal that, even if it only does just enough to leverage this $40 million will be a bonus to the company concerned.


RonS said...

Crusty is giving the Washington group the bonus for staying in the bidding process for BC Rail. She can't give them the Roberts Bank line so 40 mill will ensure a directorship after the next election. Of course there will be a 5 or 6 month waiting time like Gordo's appointment to London but she's taken care of now.

RossK said...


Well there is, of course, the 'frere' factor.