Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We Now Know That Lead-Filled Trial Balloons Really Can Fly


Yesterday, we mentioned that BC Liberal Party and Online Gambling Enterprise strategist Alise Mills floated a trial balloon on the Puffmaster Flash's radio show about the possibility that Christy Clark may not call a snap election in the fall.

And then we noticed that Sean Holman had a reasoned analysis, with real reasons, for suggesting the same thing, which he also posted-up yesterday.

But now we know it must be thus.

How do we now know that, with absolute certainty?

Because the member of the local proMedia herd who most often likes to wear the bridle labelled 'Conventional Wisdom', Mr. Keith Baldrey, just said as much:

"....Energy Minister Rich Coleman is in charge of election readiness, and rumors abound that he personally is not in favor of a fall election.

Other Liberals I’ve talked to express fears the party is simply not ready to fight a campaign and the possibility of an early election appears to be creating serious tension within party ranks.

One of Clark’s chief challenges when she became party leader was to maintain party unity. Publicly, she seems to be doing well on that front but behind the scenes it may be a different story.

But the arguments for an early election are still there: the B.C. Liberals don’t want to give the B.C. Conservatives much time to become organized, and the NDP may face the same problems as the Liberals when it comes to election readiness.

So Clark is indeed trying to keep her election window open. The problem is that the window is shrinking rapidly, and she may ultimately find it to shut too tight to enable her and her party to squeeze through it any time soon."


Brilliant analysis, that.

And how about that decidedly 'anti' viral YouTube 'Quarterly Report' video from Ms. Clark?...After all, even with all the media wurlitzering her very fine PAB could muster, she is now, more than a full day after the posting, all the way up to....Wait for it..... 617 views...... Heckfire, even Cookie Maker Guy's little movie had more views than that back in the day...Interestingly, however, the latter has now been disappeared from public view.



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